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By | June 15, 2010

Sinusitis Home Remedies

Infected and inflammed sinuses are some of the most common ailments that a human being is almost sure to experience at some point in his/her life. Sinus inflammation or sinusitis is generally caused by infection, injury, or allergy. All of these triggers will cause the immune system to cause swelling, mucus production, and pain. The sinuses are a particularly sensitive area because any kind of inflammation here can cause further infections via nasal drip to the lower respiratory tract or can cause a transfer of infection to the ears via the Eustachian tube. Additionally, complications from previous infections can cause damage in the maxillary sinus that can only be treated by laparoscopic surgery.

The sinuses are empty spaces are consist of five areas that correspond to the area where the eyebrows start, where the nostrils start, and the two sinuses at the bridge of the node – anatomically termed as the frontal, maxillary, ethmoid, and sphenoid sinuses. The main purpose of the sinuses is to simply warm and humidify the air that we breathe in. Infections and allergens regularly occur here because of pathogens and allergens getting trapped in the mucus membranes of the sinuses. As soon as an infection is detected, a cytokine response will alert the immune system to the invasion and neutrophil cells will travel from the bone marrow, through the blood stream, and through tissue to the area of infection to fight off the invading infection. Depending on the pathogen in question an infection could resolve at the most in the span of a week. Allergens cause sinusitis because of the aggravated response of the immune system to normal substances.

Treating Sinusitis

Treating sinusitis requires the use of decongestants and antibiotics. Decongestants in nature come in the form of ginger, feverfew, turmeric, and, chilies. Powder and mash all of these or simply boil them into a concentrated soup and consume it three times a day. The relief will be immediate and allow you to breathe immediately. Antibiotics in nature come in the form of garlic. This can also be added to the concoction mentioned above but a lot of garlic is required to be consumed everyday for the effect of the active ingredient allacin to really show. Topically, have a lot of steam treatments with tea tree oil added to the steaming water. This will serve to loosen up mucus and also act as an antibiotic treatment because of the presence of tea tree oil in the water.