Calories In Cod

By | February 23, 2011

Cod is a fish which is highly nutritious with a high content of omega 3 fatty acids and E, D and A vitamins. This popular sea food has a mild flavor and is especially beneficial for the heart. Growing kids also benefit from eating this fish because of its nutritional value.

Calories in cod:
Calories in Cod fish are really low with just 119 calories in 4 ounces of fish. This is a healthy source of protein for those who want to burn more fat and loose weight. This is a good food to add to your diet if you want to burn fat and build lean muscle too.

Calories in cod fish:
Calories in cod fish per 100 grams is 82. There are 17.80 grams of protein in this amount of fish, 0.67 of fat, 1.16 of ash and nil content of sugar, fiber and carbohydrates.  The water content in 100 grams of cod fish is 81.22.

How many calories in cod:
How many calories in cod is not a worrying matter as this is a low calorie food which is rich in protein content. There are no carbs or fats in it while it is rich in vitamin B6, selenium and tryptophan. The vitamin Bs in cod are good for cardio vascular welfare and health and they strengthen the heart muscles. Blood pressure remains under control for those who consume cod fish regularly.

How many calories in cod fish:
With all the health benefits which eating cod fish gives you, your last concern should be how many calories in cod fish. The minerals in 100 grams of cod fish are 16 mg of calcium, .38 of iron, 32 mg of magnesium, 203mg of phosphorous, 413 mg of potassium, 54 mg of zinc, 0.028mg of manganese and 33.1 µ of selenium.

Calories in cod fillet:
Calories in cod fillet per serving which is 224 grams are only 200 grams. This is in the raw fillet which will change according to the recipe for cooking it. If the fish is baked or grilled with little or no fat then the calories will not be much more, but if a lot of rich stuff like butter and oil is added to it the calories will definitely be much higher.

Calories in cod loin:
Calories in cod loin per serving are 87 but there is not fat content in it or carbs. However, it is a rich source of proteins. Other nutrients in cod loin are vitamin C and iron.

Calories in cod liver oil:
Calories in cod liver oil are on the high side but the health benefits of cod liver oil are supposed to be many. Though this is mainly because of the omega 3 fatty acids it contains, it should be taken under the guidance of a doctor as too much of it could have negative side effects especially if taken with certain drugs.

Calories in cod and chips:
Calories in cod and chips automatically get raised to a risky level because of all the fried stuff along with it. It is safer and healthier to eat cod with a combination of rice, broccoli or beans which are steamed or boiled and steamed rice. Eating it along with too many fried foods negates all the plus points.

Cod high calories:
Cod high calories happen only when the fish is fried or eaten with other fatty foods which have high caloric content.

Calorie count cod:
If eaten with the right combinations calorie count cod can be burnt off with half an hour of house work or of billiards or just fifteen minutes of a ball game.