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Heart Stress Test and TreadMill Exercise

Treadmill Exercise and Heart Beat Test The treadmill test helps to rule out or confirm the presence of heart diseases. The treadmill test is also referred to as ‘stress test’. It measures the tolerance levels of the heart to the particular exercise. The other terms of this test are exercise graded test, physiologic stress test… Read More »

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Glutenfree Breakfast and Gluten Free Recipes for Healthy Eating

Glutenfree Cooking and Breakfast Recipes A gluten free diet is usually recommended to treat wheat allergy or celiac disease. Since you have not specified the nature of your condition if any is present I will just guide you with a gluten free diet and a healthy gluten free diet to keep you pepped up for… Read More »

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Heart Attack and Causes of Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Burning Pain Between Shoulder Blades and Heart Attack Pain between the shoulder blades is a question of concern, as the reasons can be numerous. Heart attack is one of the causes. We shall look into the other causes, as heart attack has been ruled out. Simple pain in the muscles or strain, due to excessive… Read More »

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