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Childhood Obesity | Obesity In Young Kids - How To Deal With It?

Obesity In Young Children - How To Fight With Diet?
Obesity is rampant among kids in the present era on account of unhealthy dietary patterns. Also, kids are more interested in video gaming than running about on a playground. As such, the level of physical activity has drastically reduced. All these factors have severely affected young [...]

Food For Growth And Energy For Life

Food Information For Kids For Better Growth
How can good food aid in the better growth and health of kids?

It is important to plan a healthy diet for children to encourage optimum growth and improve their immune system, making them more resistant to the various infections and diseases to which children are susceptible. However, it is [...]

Diet For Increasing Height And Healthy Diet For Kids

Nutrition And Healthy Eating For Kids
My son is of 10 years. His height is too short. He is taking proper diet. But there is no improvement. Can you suggest me something that is effective. I am under stress due to this.

Hi! The height of an individual is a physical trait, which is determined by genes. [...]

Daily Calorie Requirement And Calorie Intake For Children

Calorie Needs And Daily Calorie Requirement Calculator
Can somebody tell me what the average calorie consumption for a 15 month old hispanic child ? I know somebody who is a rather thin child and was wondering about that figure. Thanks

Depending upon the child’s size and activity level the average calorie consumption of a 15 month old [...]

Medications and Mother’s Milk and Mothers Milk Supplements

Breastfeeding Weaning and Living Without Mother’s Milk
Mother’s milk is an ideal food for babies when they are small and it is recommended that babies should be exclusively breastfed for first six months of their life. But as the baby starts to grow they need more nutrients which milk alone can not provide. Your kid is [...]