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Epidemic Disease | Fatal Epidemic Disease - Symptoms And Treatment For Epidemic Disease

Epidemic Disease : How To Prevent Spread Of Epidemic Diseases?
What is an epidemic disease? Epidemic is a term which denotes widespread or widely prevalent. A disease, which spreads rapidly and over a wide area, in a very short span of time, is termed an epidemic disease.

In the past diseases like smallpox, chicken pox, tuberculosis, measles, [...]

Uric Acid Foods And Diet For Uric Acid Disorders

Home Remedies For Gout And Diet For Uric Acid Treatment
My husband is suffering from uric acid disorders - Which foods and fruits should i give him?

Uric acid is produced from purines, which are mainly found in meat and meat products. Uric acid is the final product formed from the breakdown of purines, and is essentially [...]

Chicken Pox Information And Healthy Diet For Chicken Pox Cure

Chicken Pox Remedies For Chicken Pox Cure
I am 18 years teenager, Recently I suffered from chicken pox and have marks on my face - Can you suggest a healthy diet plan to cure it?

Chicken pox scars are usually nothing to worry about; in fact, most people do not develop actual scars from a chicken pox [...]

Natural Ways For Freedom From Headache

Easy Steps For Freedom From Headache
The space between your ears is fragile, and a pain in that space can definitely affect your life. Yes we are talking about headaches, which can strike almost anyone at anytime. But before you pick that pill to put down your pain try the following drug free, natural ways to [...]

Cooling Off From Night Sweats And Sleep Apnea

Have Freedom From Night Sweats And Sleep Disorders
A restful and comfortable night’s sleep is very necessary for a healthy life. However, diseases like night sweats and sleep apnea disturbs the process of normal sleeping patterns. These two commonly occurring diseases are discussed below in detail.

Night sweats are a disorder in which the body perspires heavily. [...]