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By | June 15, 2010

Home Remedies for Healing Chicken Pox Scars

The scars that are left behind from an attack of chicken pox are usually caused after scratching off the scabs caused by the infection. This problem can remain with one for years and is comparable to some of the severe rolling scars that are visible from a severe case of acne. The scars of chicken pox are caused from the blisters that form on the skin from the disease. These blisters are highly irritating and are filled with the varicella virus that causes chicken pox in the first place. If the scars are not touched, they will usually resolve and not leave any marks.

Chicken Pox Scars Treatment

Dealing with any kind of scarring is quite an arduous task. Scars form when there has been enough damage or loss of skin that the remaining portions of skin are unable to pull together to seal the wound. In this case, an additional layer of skin is created to quickly seal the area and avoid further intrusion from infectious agents. Since the creation of this skin is not according to the normal formation of wound healing, it develops quite aberrantly and appears as if it was slapped on – this is called a raised scar. In a normal wound, collagen fibers would be laid across a wound and the cells at the periphery of the wound undergo programmed cell death that tightens the new skin, giving it the appearance of regular skin.

Dermatologists deal with huge scars by abrasion or by surgery. When a scar is damaged in a controlled way, the skin can reform correctly. This is the basis of a method called needling that can be done by a qualified needling expert. Dermabrasion is another method but has to be done under general anesthetic, where the scarred tissue is slowly rubbed off. Laser treatments are by far the best for dealing with scars that are raised and need to be leveled. The last option is the use of surgery where massive tissue loss under the skin caused the skin to collapse. Chicken pox scars treatment at home requires the use of papain or meat tenderizer. This contains enzymes that can breakdown proteins, and skin is a protein like any other. The two main proteins that make up skin are collagen and elastin. Applying papain will break down the proteins of the scar tissue and cause a healing process as well. This is similar to dermabrasion principles but is obviously a slower and lesspainful process. Raw papayas are rich in papin and so a regular application of a small quantity of fresh raw papaya pulp will help to reduce scarring.