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Diet for Illness

Abdominal Pain and Suitable Diet for it

Most people suffer from abdominal pain at some point in their lives. The causes could be due to any number of reasons including appendicitis, constipation, Cohn’s disease, endometriosis, food allergies, food poisoning, gallstones, gas, gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), hernia, indigestion, kidney stones etc.

Some of the causes of abdominal pain are directly related to one’s diet. [...]

Effective Diet And Remedies For Goiter | Goiter Cures At Home

Treat Thyroid Disease At Home With Proper Care And Healthy Diet

The disease goiter refers to the enlargement of the thyroid which occurs when the thyroid gland is not functioning properly. The thyroid gets so large that it is visible from the neck. There is another form of goiter which is called toxic nodular goiter. It [...]

Effective Diet For The Treatment Of Mononucleosis

Liquid Diet For Mononucleosis Infection Treatment
How effective is diet in the treatment of mononucleosis? Please suggest some healthy fruits and liquid diet for the same
A healthy diet, along with complete and absolute rest plays an extremely important role in the treatment of mononucleosis. Instead of adopting a completely new diet, make a few necessary changes [...]

Diet For High Energy And Lifestyle Changes For Better Health

Diet For Optimum Health And High Energy Levels
Weight loss diet pills have helped me reduce my weight but I feel very lazy and lethargic- Can you suggest some tips which help me rejuvenate without becoming fat again?

Weight loss drugs often come with their own side effects, but I am not aware of any weight loss [...]

Calorie Foods And Calorie Diet For Calorie Imbalance

Calorie Nutrition And Foods For Calorie Imbalance
How to treat calorie imbalance in the body - What diet plans should be followed for good health?

The body is the product of what it eats. Calorie imbalance in the body results from excessive calorie consumption and/or inadequate physical activity. Portion size servings have increased considerably. People eat more [...]