Home Remedies for Loss of Appetite | Cure | Causes of Loss of Appetite

By | July 23, 2010

Home Remedies for Loss of Appetite

Causes of Loss of Appetite: There are many reasons that cause lack of appetite or reduction in appetite. These reasons can be linked to not only physical health but also mental/emotional frame of mind. Apart from serious health conditions and eating disorders, some of the reasons for loss of appetite may be stress, depression and anxiety. It is quite possible that an external factor as a personal or non-personal tragedy has affected the person enough for him to lose his appetite. Relationship crisis, a work problems are a few of the many mental reasons that may cause appetite loss. Loss of appetite is also caused due to improper and unhealthy eating habits. Habits such as eating a lot of sweets, drinking soft drinks or sodas between meals, consuming large, untimely meals cause imbalance in appetite. The stomach is unable to digest such large quantities at once; it prefers to break down small portions at a time. This causes imbalance in its working.

Cure Loss of Appetite: There are various home remedies to cure loss of appetite. You can try any one of these remedies.  Lime is very effective towards restoring appetite. You can make a concoction of lime juice, Ginger with some salt-lemon juice. This is a trusted cure and is found to be very effective towards appetite restoration. Another way to work around ginger is to sprinkle black salt and dried ginger on orange slices and eat them. Similarly, consume sour grapes. These work in the same way lime does. Another sour route that you can take is to soak, mash and strain tamarind in a glass of water. Add salt and black pepper powder and drink up.

If going the sour way doesn’t work for you, you can try garlic as it stimulates the digestive tone of the system and improves you appetite. Soups with generous amounts of garlic will do the trick. Another frequent method to restore appetite is to take five grams of ginger and lick it off with a little salt once a day. Adding salt and honey to Pomegranate juice will give you your fruit fix and also work on your appetite. If sweet doesn’t work for you, consume the juice of 30 gm coriander leaves daily. This is known to be a trusted house-wife cure to lack of appetite. Most of these items are available at the stores and can be easily attained. Just go ahead and try any one of these and observe the results. If you feel that none of these remedies are doing you any good, please consult your doctor.