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Stress Causes, Symptoms, Effects And Relief

Despite the fact that stress is a very common part of our lives, it is substantially misunderstood. Medically speaking, stress is primarily a feeling that is created within the body by certain events or external and internal forces. Contrary to popular belief, stress isn’t always bad. For instance, stress is also the body rising up to a challenge, replenishing its fuels to allow the body to be at peak stamina, speed, accuracy and concentration in order to achieve a certain result in a high pressure environment. However, when the human body is required to run at this level of heightened intensity over a long period of time, the stress being generated by the body will soon turn out to be more of a foe than a friend.
The major effects of the condition will be easily noticeable in the various stress symptoms in women as well as stress symptoms in men. In the event that the individual has been suffering from stress over a significant period of time, as opposed to it being a one off occurrence, you will be able to notice certain chronic stress symptoms. While stress is inevitable, the way it is managed is key to the impact it has on an individual’s life. For instance, some of the more common stress symptoms in men and women include heightened irritability, sudden changes in moods, nervousness and anxiety as well as overeating, and a loss of enthusiasm or energy. There are a number of emotional stress symptoms as well as physical stress symptoms that will develop within the individual’s mindset and body that will play a significant role in the way he or she lives his or her life. Chronic stress symptoms are the development of the body’s nervous system succumbing to significant stress levels over a constant period of time.

Effects Of Stress

The negative effects of stress on the body are significantly far reaching and can cause some serious damage to a person’s overall mood, relationships, state of mind as well as overall quality of life. Some of the more serious physical effects of stress include the development of a heart disease, digestive problems and autoimmune diseases in addition to the obesity and depression problems that a victim is likely to experience as well. Despite the fact that most of the causes and effects of stress are more closely related to adult life, this does not mean that children face no stress in their youth. On the contrary, the effects of stress on children are more often than not more apparent than with adults, primarily because of the fact that they are usually still learning how to handle stress levels. Effects of stress during pregnancy will usually manifest in the form of pre-term deliveries – with studies showing that almost 1 in every 10 women deliver preterm because of this factor. Studies have also shown that the effects of stress during pregnancy can be very long lasting with some children whose mothers were suffering through high stress levels during the pregnancy have shown to be more susceptible to problems like depression, irritability and medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Stress Relief

Practicing stress relief techniques are a very important aspect of coping with the stress that tends to build up within the tissue layers of the body – causing chronic stress problems. There are a number of available options to a stressed out individual when it comes to stress relief at work or at home. For instance, one can choose to practice yoga for stress relief, while the options of stress relief exercises as well as stress relief medication are used more often than they were before.  Given that stress is a very important aspect of our live, it is understandable to see why there is so much literature available on the topic through sources such as the internet as well as your local bookstore.

Causes Of Stress

Impossible project deadlines and working with people that you don’t get on with are two of the most common causes of stress at work while relationships and academics find themselves at the top of the list of causes of stress in college students and teenagers. Given that stress plays havoc with a person’s overall quality of life means that it is important to make sure that you properly identify the psychological causes of stress in order to be able to treat it effectively. As mentioned previously, it is extremely not only to understand the various causes of stress, but also be able to detect its presence in other people. There are a number of causes of stress in women and men in our daily lives and one of the biggest stumbling blocks in its detection is the fact that it will affect the body internally and under the surface, with all the damage it has caused on a physical as well as mental aspect, becoming very apparent only once it has almost completely built up to the maximum level.
Submitted on January 16, 2014