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By | March 22, 2010

Cracked Lips Treatment And Natural Cures

A cut lip can be a small surface wound or a deep gash. If it’s a deep gash, then do visit a doctor to check if you need stitches. However, if it isn’t a deep gash, then you might just need to give the wound some care and use some medicines or home remedies for relief. Here are some home remedy ideas to help you treat cut and chapped lips.

If you’ve got a cut on your lip, then it is very important to keep the infection at bay. Tea tree oil is known for its antimicrobial agent and is very effective against fungi and bacteria. If you’ve got a cut on your lip, then apply some tea tree oil on your lips to reduce the inflammation and safeguard the wound against bacteria.

  • You might also like to drink tea brewed with feverfew and ginger to reduce the inflammation. Drink this tea thrice a day.
  • If your lips have cuts because they are chapped, then it is advisable to keep yourself well-hydrated. Carry along a water bottle wherever you go and drink water regularly through the day. This keeps you, your lips and body well hydrated.
  • When you buy a lip balm, look for hydrating ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba, almond, shea butter, beeswax and vitamin E. You can also use petroleum jelly. If you have sensitive skin, then do not use camphor-based lip balms as these can cause irritation.
  • You might want to use a humidifier to add some moisture to dry indoor air.
  • You must also check your diet to see if you are getting enough essential fatty acids, iron, and B vitamins. A deficiency in any of these can cause cracking of lip corners and scaling of lips. Consult a doctor and take a multivitamin.
  • If you have cuts and chapped lips, then check to find out if it’s been caused by allergy to lipstick dyes.
  • You can also hydrate your lips by dabbing a cool wet cloth over your lips. You can seal in the moisture by applying a lip balm. Apply some every few hours when your lips are dry and chapped. Don’t wait for your lips to crack and for cuts to develop before reaching for that lip balm. You can also use a balm or cream with spf to protect your lips from sun damage.
  • Don’t lick or bite your lips.

Cut lip

There are many various things that may happen to you when you have a cut lip. A cut lip can be a small surface wound or a deep gash. If you have a deep gash in your lip, there is a risk of getting infection in your lips. A deep lip cut may need to be stitched. So if you can, get yourself medical care. A cut on the lip can be treated with home remedies. Thankfully, there are many home remedies that can be used to treat cuts on lips. Home care, however, is only useful when a person has a surface cut on the lips. If you have a split lip, you may need medical care as well as antibiotics to stop any infection from spreading. For even deeper gashes, cosmetic surgery may be used to ensure that the structure and the shape of the lips remain intact.

If deep lip cuts are not treated correctly, the cut may heal on its own and the shape of the lips as well as the overall structure may become faulty. Once you have had some medical treatment for your cut lip, try and keep yourself from licking your lips repeatedly. During the entire period of healing, you will have to keep your lips dry; even if you feel like licking them over and over again, try and refrain from it.

How to treat a cut lip? If your lips are cut, the first thing you need to do is to keep infection at bay. For this, you may have to clean your lips repeatedly and ensure that they remain clean. Antimicrobial agents such as tea tree oil can be used to keep the lips free of infections. Tea tree oil can also help reduce any inflammation that you may have due to the cut lips. Tea tree oil is also very effective against fungi as well as bacteria. You can apply some tea tree oil on your lips to keep them safe from bacteria and to enhance healing. However, tea tree oil should not be applied directly to the lips. Tea tree oil, when used in its natural concentration, can burn your lips. To avoid that, tea tree oil is always used with carrier oils. To a tablespoon of vegetable oil, add a few drops of tea tree oil. Use this oil to smear on your lips. This will prevent the cut from becoming infected.

A tea brewed from fresh ginger and feverfew can also help you deal with inflammation. Steep ginger and a few pieces of feverfew in water for a few minutes, then strain it and drink it with honey. This tea can be had thrice a day to improve the healing process. Cut lip treatment is largely based on the causes of the cut lip. There is a higher risk of cut lip infection in dry and chapped lips. If you have dry lips, keep them hydrated by drinking lots of water. If you have dried and chapped lips, try and carry a water bottle along with you everywhere you go so that you do not get dehydrated.

If you have cut your lip while shaving, wash the wound and use an antiseptic cream on it. If you can bear the sting, wash the cut by rubbing alcohol to ensure there are no microbes in the cut. When you cut your lip while shaving, the wound can be a surface wound or a deeper gash as well. Treat the wound according to its depth on the skin. Keep applying antiseptic lotion on your lip and try not to lick them. Cut lip stitches are only required when you have a deep gash in your lips. Any medical treatment for such cuts should be taken under the supervision of the doctor. As described earlier, deep gashes may mutilate the lips and change their shape altogether.

When you purchase any lip balm or other cosmetics for your lips, always pay attention to the hydrating ingredients. If you have lip balms with shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax or jojoba, your lips will remain hydrated and will not chap or crack. For sensitive skin, both petroleum jelly and camphor-based lip balms can be used. The cut lip of a toddler may need stitches if the lips got cut due to an accident while playing. Cut lips in the corner of the mouth are very common in winters when the air is dry. If your lips are very dry, opening your mouth wide may cause the corner of the lips to get damaged. Try and keep your lips hydrated to avoid that.

For a cut on the lip, the healing period differs in different people. The primary factor that determines the period of healing is the depth of the wound. If the cut on the lip is very deep, it may take several weeks to heal. However, if the cut is not very deep, it can heal in a few days as well. If you keep licking the cut, the cut on lip may get infected. If the cut on your lip turns white, it is time to visit a doctor and get a consultation. A cut on the lip can also be caused by herpes. The herpes virus causes outbreaks of cold sores and boils on the lips and genitals. A cut on lips or cold sores caused by herpes virus may not heal very quickly.

 The cut on the lips or other herpes symptoms can be only treated by the use of medications specially designed to suppress the herpes virus. A herpes sore is a cut on the lip that won’t heal with the help of home remedies for regular cuts and scrapes. Cuts on lips due to herpes can keep coming back and causing you a lot of grief. Since the virus cannot be eliminated completely from the body, the symptoms can keep showing after brief periods of remittance. If the cracked and chapped lips are caused simply due to environmental conditions, use a humidifier to add moisture to the dry indoor air. Also keep a check on your diet and include vitamin B, fatty acids, and iron in your diet.