Natural Methods Of Weight Reduction

By | March 3, 2009

Diet For Weight Loss And Reducing Weight Naturally

I am male 26 years, height 6 ft and weight 116 kgs. I desperately want to reduce my weight. My diet includes non-veg. I smoke 4 cigs per day and consumption of alcohol is rare. Please advice me with a proper diet chart.

Most people over-weight people are willing to go to any lengths to lose the extra layers of fat from their bodies. Obesity is not only a distortion of your physical outlook, but has some grave consequences upon your inner body health as well. Generally, different weight reduction programs have worked for different people. Today, you can find hundreds of weight reduction methods. These range from natural methods that can be practiced at home to the medical treatments that are available to rid you off your fat.

Firstly, we would like to recommend you to try and reduce weight via natural methods. Don’t get discouraged if you do not see results. Just be consistent and eventually, your efforts will bear fruit. Maintaining a good plan for your diet goes along with your weight-reduction practices. You will find different options here as well. You can reduce your weight by maple syrup diet, or by taking up the fruit diet, or by many other ways.

We would not recommend you to go on a complete hunger strike until your stomach gives in and sheds weight. This will deprive your body of the essential nutrients and you will lose the energy required to perform the every day activities. It would be best if you utilized the energy from the intake of nutritious foods, and consumed this energy to burn your calories, instead of trying to make them vanish. This process is usually more time consuming and hectic too; but the people who do not give up on it happen to be most delighted at the end of the day.

Nutritious Food And Weight Reduction

What is the definition of nutritious food?

In general, nutritious food is one that gives your body the appropriate amount of different food components that are required for the optimum functioning of the body, without posing any harm to your health.

You should remember two things here:

  • Use a lot of fruits and vegetables as these exceptionally good in attaining weight loss.
  • Avoid junk food. Consuming just one hamburger will nullify the efforts of an entire hour’s workout.


People who wish weight-reduction to be quick, simple, and effortless end up most dismayed in the end. Many doctors even recommend obese people to continue with their normal eating routine, but increase their routine and duration of exercise slowly and steadily. Walking and jogging are two very good methods of shedding weight.

Yoga also helps in reducing your weight. You might not believe it, but different yoga exercises have worked remarkably for a lot of people.

Just remember, choose your own diet plan, and your own weight-reducing exercises. Just be determined and don’t give up until you have gotten what you want. This will certainly get you looking into the mirror at a new, slimmer and smarter person and one who is completely in control of his life.

Your consumption of alcohol being rare is not at all unhealthy or a cause for concern. Likewise your cigarette smoking seems to be controlled, putting you in a far better position than most other smokers. It would be a good idea for you to further cut down and eventually kick the habit. This will help improve your overall health and make a difference in terms of long term health as well. In addition, smoking reduces your stamina and capacity for physical activity, and reduced physical activity invites weight gain.