Diet Plans For Gastritis And Chronic Gastritis Diet

By | March 3, 2009

Best Diet For People With Gastritis

I have been suffering from gas since a week. Though I have taken medicines, but gas trouble has not been cured and there is a loss of appetite. Can you please suggest some dietary measure for gastric treatment and increasing appetite?

There are several types of gastric problems. Most of these problems occur when it is difficult for the stomach to empty itself. This causes nausea and vomiting. Gastric ulcers also cause pain in the stomach, accompanied by difficulty in passing gas. Chronic cases can even cause bleeding in the digestive tract. Heart burn, also known as gastro esophageal reflux, happens when the stomach contents rise up your throat, giving you a burning sensation and difficulty in swallowing. Other gastric problems could be minor, and result due to eating food without swallowing or excess intake of alcohol.

All the gastric problems show similar symptoms such as loss of appetite, pain in abdomen, and difficulty in passing gas. You may also try some natural, home made treatments that will do wonders for minor gastric problems.  If your condition does not improve, you are advised to consult your doctor to ensure that there is nothing serious.

Gastritis Treatment And Healthy Diet For Gas Troubles

The best treatment for your gas troubles is to improve your eating habits. Try to eat smaller meals. You should limit your diet to well-cooked food, and must try to avoid the processed food which is unhygienic for health and a major cause for gas troubles. Reducing alcohol, carbonated drinks, and cigarettes can also ease your gastric problems. Avoid over eating at all costs.

You should avoid drinking excess milk. Avoid caffeine products if you feel that they increase your symptoms. At times, acidic foods and spicy foods are also responsible for gas problems and should be avoided. Avoid aspirin and anti inflammatory drugs.
While sleeping, you can reduce reflux problems, if you face any, by raising the level of your head. Do not eat just before you retire to bed. Do not wear tight clothes as they can increase the pressure on your abdomen and will add to your pain. Wear loose clothes instead.

Overweight people should also try to lose a few pounds, if they face regular gas troubles. Excess weight also increases the pressure on your abdomen, leading to regular gastric problems. If you are facing severe pain, you may cleanse your bowels with an enema.

Many yogic exercises can be practiced to treat the gastric troubles and to increase your appetite.  Asanas such as Padhastasana, Bhujangasana, and Vajrasana are especially effective for gastric patients.

You do not need to worry about the loss of appetite as it is normally a part and parcel of gastric trouble. Once these natural methods begin to heal your gastric problems, you will certainly get your appetite back. Once again, it is recommended that if these measures do not work for you, get yourself checked up to ensure that there are no serious complications to the problem.

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