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By | October 6, 2009

Swimmers Ear Treatment For Clogged And Drum Ears

Swimmer’s ear is also known as otitis externa and develops when bacteria infect the ear canal. The ear canal leads to the ear drum and consists of delicate and thin skin that is covered with a thin layer of ear wax.

Usually, water can pass through the ear canal without any difficulty. Water commonly enters the ear canal while taking a bath or a shower and also easily flows back out. But an increased exposure to water can cause the water to become lodged in the ear canal. This provides an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. Due to the prolonged exposure to water, the protective coating of wax may get washed away. The bacteria begin to cause infection and swelling and redness develops in the ear canal.

Ear Infection Treatment For Tinnitus Cure

The lining of the ear canal acts as a protective barrier against any kind of fungal or bacterial infection as it is acidic in nature. It also keeps the ear canal free from too much moisture and dampness. If this lining breaks due to any reason, the risk of bacterial and fungal infection increases, thereby allowing for infection to take place. This barrier can break due to injury such as that caused by the insertion of cotton swabs or other instruments in the ear. Moisture can accumulate due to swimming or showering, thereby increasing vulnerability to bacterial and fungal growth.

Objects such as ear plugs, or other hearing aids and devices may also increase the possibility of the occurrence of swimmer’s ear. The protective lining may also become irritated due to harsh chemicals present in hair dyes or shampoos. Outer ear canal conditions such as allergies or infections can also result in swimmer’s ear.

Swimmer’s ear may be treated by putting a couple of drops of white vinegar in the affected ear. After putting the drops, leave it in the ear for about five minutes and then drain the ear. This will help to arrest the growth of the bacteria. To unclog accumulated water in the ear, take equal parts of apple cider vinegar and alcohol or water and add to the ear after taking a bath. This will dry up the water and reduce the risk of infection. Putting warm baby oil into the ears with the help of a dropper will also help to soothe the inflammation. The water that may be trapped in the ear canal can be dried by holding a hair dryer at a safe distance away from the ear. The water will evaporate with the warm air.