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By | October 6, 2009

Home Remedies For Sunburn Itch And Sunburn Pain

An increased exposure to the sun results in sunburn. This condition usually occurs during outdoor activities. It can also occur when tanning beds are not used properly. A more severe form of sunburn is called sun poisoning. Sunburn results from the effects of the ultra violet radiation of the sun on the skin. The UV rays penetrate the skin causing inflammation and tenderness. These symptoms can develop within half an hour of sun exposure.

The sun’s rays contain UVA and UVB radiation. Of these, UVB has more harmful effects on the skin as it poses a risk of developing skin cancer. However, a moderate amount of exposure to ultra violet radiation is beneficial as it leads to the production of vitamin D in the body. Both types of radiation cause sunburn and photoaging which is the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. Usually individuals with fair skin are more vulnerable to developing sunburn. Certain regions of the globe that are closer to the equator or at higher altitudes are exposed to increased UV radiation from the sun and sunburn is most likely to occur in these areas.

Home Remedies For Sunburn Blisters

The risk of sunburn increases if there has been recent sun exposure or injury to the skin. Minor cases of sunburn generally result in mild reddening and irritation of the skin. Increased exposure can cause more severe reactions. If untreated, this condition can be extremely painful and could even lead to shock. A couple of hours after exposure to the sun, the skin begins to become red, due to which irritation and discomfort occurs. About twelve to twenty four hours later, the symptoms intensify and reach their peak. Severe cases of sunburn could cause intense burns on the skin, blisters, dehydration and infection. Other symptoms include fever, nausea, vomiting and chills. A week after the sun exposure, skin loss could also take place.

An effective remedy for relieving sunburn is to make a paste of milk, honey, olive oil and barley powder. Add an egg white to the ingredients and apply to the affected skin.

A solution of buttermilk and tomato juice is also effective in treating sunburn and helps to quicken the healing process. A soothing remedy for sunburned skin is to place chilled lettuce or cabbage leaves on the skin. Cold rose water may also be used to wash the skin. This will alleviate the burning and irritation. For more severe sunburns, soaking in a tub of cool water will help to ease the symptoms. If sunburn has occurred on the facial area, then you may place slices of cucumber or tomato on the affected skin. Sponging the affected areas with a cloth soaked in milk and water will also provide relief. The inflammation may be reduced by applying cucumber juice to the burned skin.