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By | January 21, 2010

Home Treatment For Styes And Styes Herbal Cures

A sty happens when there is a blockage in the gland that is at the root of an eyelash. This blockage can happen because of an infection. Because of redness and inflammation in the gland, you might feel pain and discomfort. While styes are not known to cause any harm to the eye, they can cause a lot of discomfort. You can try out a few simple home remedies to treat styes.

Treating Styes At Home

Place a warm compress on the stye a couple of times a day. Make sure that the cloth is clean and you need to wash it thoroughly after using it every time.

A teabag will come in handy while treating a stye. Use a warm and moist teabag to treat the stye. However, make sure that the teabag isn’t too hot. It is believed that the tannic acids in the tea can reduce the size of the stye.

You can create your own herbal solution by boiling acacia leaves, parsley and roasted bancha leaves. Wait for the solution to cool a bit before dipping a clean cloth in it and applying the poultice on the stye.

For this home remedy, you’ll need castor oil and a cotton swab. Dip the cotton in castor oil and apply the oil on the stye a couple of times a day. You can even do this after you’ve applied a warm compress. This is known to open up the pores of the eyelid.

Dandelion tea is known to cure the bacteria that are causing the stye.

Some people also believe that 18 carat gold can cure a stye. If you want to try this remedy, get a piece of jewellery that must be 18 carats of gold. Place the smooth surface of the jewellery on the stye.

A warm compress is known to increase the blood circulation and increase the supply of white blood cells that will combat the infection. For the warm compress, get a piece of clean cloth and dip it in warm water. Wring the cloth and place the moist, warm cloth on the stye. Place the warm compress for a few minutes. Make sure that you do this a few times a day.

Make sure that you do not poke, squeeze, prick or push the stye. Fiddling it constantly will spread the infection. Let it dry and drain on its own.

When you have a stye, avoid eye make-up to prevent contamination.