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By | January 21, 2010

Boost Immunity To Combat All Disease

It’s the immune system that combats all the diseases. From cold to cancer, it’s the immune system’s job to keep health problems at bay. So to give a boost to the immune system, we need to pump it up with all the nutrients. A healthy, balanced diet is important for improving our immune system. While you must eat lots of fruits and vegetables through the day, and drink at least eight to ten glasses of water, you also need to eat a variety of foods to improve your immune system.

Foods For Boosting Immunity

You can eat a variety of food products like oranges, yoghurt and pumpkin seeds. Let’s look at some of the foods that you can eat to boost your immune system.

Oranges: Packed with vitamin C, oranges are rich in antioxidants that can help the immune system fight off diseases. Apart from oranges, you can load up on broccoli, cantaloupe, strawberries and bell peppers. Alternatively, you can take vitamin c capsules every day.

Yoghurt: Unpasteurized yoghurt has Lactobacillus acidophilus, which is a healthy bacterium that can combat fungus-related infections.

Tea: Rich in flavonoids, tea is packed with vitamin-like substances, which are known to prevent the aging of the immune system. You’ll find these substances in berries, apples, tomatoes, broccoli, onions and oats.

Pumpkin seeds: It is believed that pumpkin seeds can reduce the duration of a common cold. It is rich in zinc too.

Sweet potatoes: These are rich in vitamin a that can keep your skin healthy and strong. Skin is an important part of your body and can ward off a lot of bacteria. You can get vitamin a from foods that are rich in beta-carotene. Some of the other foods rich in this vitamin are cantaloupe, pumpkin, squash, and carrots.

Chicken soup: Chicken soup is believed to be food for the soul. This nourishing broth is good for your body and is especially good for treating a cold. When cooked with a chock-full of onions, garlic and herbs, the soup can boost your immunity and can make you feel better.

Beef: This is rich in zinc, which is an immunity-bolstering mineral. Zinc is essential in the formation of white blood cells and can help the immune system to combat viruses and bacteria. You might like to include moderate quantities of beef in your diet.

Mushrooms: Research has shown that mushrooms can boost the white blood cells and thus, combat infection. Mushrooms are easily available these days and you can add a fistful of these in soups, pastas, noodles, eggs and rice.

Fish and shellfish: While talking about healthy foods, we can’t forget fish. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and selenium, fish are nourishing and healthy for the body.