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By | November 12, 2009

Osteoporosis Home Cures And Effective Arthritis Treatments

Osteoporosis is a very serious condition that is characterized by the loss of bone tissue and excessively low bone mass that contributes to weak and fragile bones. As a result of the low bone rigidity, there is a substantially high risk of the affected individual suffering fractured or broken bones on a frequent basis, most commonly around the spine, wrist or hip. Although bone appears to be a hard, dead mass, it is actually a living, growing tissue that is made of collagen, which is a protein that provides the soft framework, and a mineral called calcium phosphate, that strengthens and hardens this framework.

What Makes Your Bone Weak And Porous?

This combination makes the bones flexible and strong – thereby giving it the sufficient resources to withstand stress. During the course of an individual’s life, old bone is constantly replaced in the skeleton with newer bone. This process is much faster when the individual is a child or in his or her teens. This causes the bones to become heavier and denser for the period of time where the absorption of old bone is slower than new bone formation. This process peaks at the age of about 30, after which the speed of bone absorption starts to outpace the speed of bone creation. While the condition is considered to be a major sign of aging, there are a number of factors present in an individual’s youthful days that will play a significant role in how fast the condition develops.

Another prominent factor in the development of osteoporosis is gender as women have less bone tissue and lose bone mass faster than men as a result of the changes that happen to their bodies after menopause. As with most other medical conditions, heredity also plays a significant role as people whose parents have a history or fractures also seem to have reduced bone mass. Other controllable factors that increase the likelihood of development of the condition include an excessive alcohol intake, smoking, long term use of medicines like glucocorticoids that may lead to loss in density of the bones; or even a diet low in calcium and vitamin D.

In an effort to strengthen your bones, thereby treating osteoporosis, you must make it a point to exercise for at least thirty minutes that comprises of weight bearing exercises such as walking or jogging at a frequency of a minimum of three times a week. Dandelion tea is known to increase levels of bone density and could prove to be very useful. You should also try walking chest deep in water for 30 minutes, three times a week as the water helps support the body wait – thereby taking the stress of your bones and joints