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By | November 12, 2009

All About Jet Lag For Jet Lag Cures

Jet lag is one of the most frustrating aspects of long distance travel. Whenever an individual travels across a number of time zones in a relatively small amount of time, the body clock needs to reset itself. While the condition used to be considered only a theory previously, studies have shown that the condition does in fact have biological basis. A number of functions such as the temperature of the body and sleep timings as well as the kinds of chemicals and substances processed by your body are all dependant on your body’s time clock.

Jet Lag Causes And Important Reasons For Cause Of Jet Lag

Whenever you travel across time zones in a relatively small amount of time, your body goes out of sync with the external environment. The symptoms will not necessarily manifest immediately, but could take up to a couple of days for you to feel their full force. The condition may last for anywhere between a few hours to a couple of days. Studies have shown that almost 93% to 96% of all long distance flyers experience jet lag and that the number of time zones crossed is a major contributor to the seriousness of the condition. The direction that an individual travels in is also said to play a significant role in the severity of the condition.

Experts say that when a person travels westward the symptoms of jet lag are more moderate than compared to when they travel the same distance in an eastward direction. This is believed to be because the internal body clock gets an extension of about 27 hours when traveling westward. Another factor in the onset of jet lag is the possibility of dehydration as a result of the low humidity in higher altitudes that the plane reaches during its flight.

Since dehydration can be a significant cause of the condition, it is recommended that you drink one glass of water for every hour of flying to prevent dehydration. You must also make it a point to move around while on a long flight in order to increase circulation in the body. Walking around and moving your ankles while stretching will help considerably. Acupuncture is known to be very effective when dealing with jet lag. It is an ancient traditional Asian medicine that is based on the theory of balancing the forces of yin and yang in the body by releasing trapped energy that causes stress along pathways of the body known as meridians.