Home Remedies For Cystitis Treatment | Tartar Cream For Cystitis

By | March 29, 2010

Tartar Cream For Cystitis Treatment

Cystitis is a condition in which you experience pain in the bladder and the adjoining areas surrounding the bladder.  The condition occurs due to a bacterial infection. Cystitis is usually associated with an inflammation of the urethra. This particular condition is also termed as lower urinary tract infection. The symptoms of cystitis vary from person to person. Symptoms also vary in males and females. This is due to the structural difference between the male and female urinary tract. Cystitis is more common among females as compared to males.

The symptoms associated with cystitis are as follows:

  • Frequent and urgent urge to urinate, however you do not always pass urine.
  • Unclear and dark color urine with a pungent smell.
  • A burning sensation with pain while urinating.
  • Pain in the lower portion of the back and abdomen.
  • You may experience low fewer with restlessness.

The most common causes of cystitis are as follows:

  • Cystitis occurs due to the bacteria that travel through your urethra to your bladder from the surrounding areas of skin. Women are more prone to this ailment as their urethra is very near to the anus and their urinary tract is also shorter in comparison to males.
  • If you are diabetic, due to increased levels of sugar in your urine, the bacteria can grow more easily, resulting in a urinary tract infection.
  • Some feminine hygiene products may cause irritation and result in bacterial infection.
  • In some cases, cystitis may be caused due to sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Usually, there is not much to worry about if you happen to experience these symptoms as these go away gradually within two to three days without any medication. In case the symptoms persist, and are accompanied by high fever and severe pain in the abdomen and lower back, you must consult your physician for treatment.

There are several home remedies for curing cystitis. Using cream of tartar for cystitis treatment is one of the most popular amongst them all. Cream of tartar is basically an acidic salt used in cooking as an ingredient with spices. The chemical name of cream of tartar is potassium hydrogen tartrate. It is prepared by combining potassium hydroxide and tartaric acid.

Cream of Tartar Recipe

For curing cystitis take half tea spoonful of cream of tartar and dissolve it in about two liters of water. Drink this solution three to four times a day, half an hour before your meals. Within two to three days the symptoms will go away. Like any other home remedy, do consult your doctor before commencing it.