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By | March 25, 2010

Alcoholism Effective Natural Remedies

Alcoholism is the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol on a daily basis simply because a person is not able to resist the carving for the same. So much so, that after a certain amount of time, alcoholism becomes a chronic disease. Apart from causing physical damage – where the liver, digestive system, heart, and even the brain cells are damaged – excessive intake of alcohol also causes mental, emotional, social, and psychological damage to a person. It is therefore necessary to treat this problem as soon as and as effectively as possible. There are several natural ways of treating alcoholism; however, these will take time to show any positive results.

You will therefore need to work at it diligently and patiently. To begin with, make sure that your diet is healthy and nutritious – that is, your diet should contain more of fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, wholegrain cereals, sprouts, and seeds, and less of fried food, foods that contain preservatives, refined food, red meat, and other unhealthy food options.  Over a period of time, following such a diet will ensure that your body is healthy enough to be able to resist the craving for alcohol. To remove the existing intoxication from the body, eat at least three apples a day and a huge bunch of grapes every day. Eat around 3-4 dates everyday as well, it has been known to help cure alcoholism.

Alcohol has the tendency to deplete the water and moisture level in the body. It is therefore necessary that your intake of fluids, in the form or juices and water, is very high. So, the minute the craving for alcohol hits, drink some fruit or vegetable juice instead. Carrot, orange, and lemon juices, taken individually, are known to help reduce the urge to drink alcohol. Another thing that works just as effectively is mixing equal quantities of celery juice and water and drinking that. Snacking on nuts and seeds whenever the craving hits is also another way of dealing with this problem.

Drinking bitter gourd juice has been known as one of the best remedies for curing alcoholism. Mix one teaspoon of bitter gourd juice extracted from its leaf in one glass of water and drink this concoction every day, first thing in the morning. Your craving for alcohol will reduce within a month. Another benefit of the bitter gourd juice is that it takes good care of your liver and is beneficial in repairing any damage done to the liver.