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By | March 25, 2010

Plaque On Teeth Treatment And Herbal Cures

Plaque is the soft, sticky, and slightly yellowish substance that accumulates around the edges and between your teeth. This substance is a result of the leftover food debris mixing with the existing bacteria in our mouth. Plaque needs to be removed from your teeth on a daily basis through proper brushing and regular flossing of the teeth. If plaque is not removed regularly, over a period of time it forms into tartar, leading to problems like gum diseases and cavities. Accumulation of plaque is also one of the reasons for bad breath.

To begin with, start a daily routine of brushing your teeth thrice a day with your regular toothpaste. Take care to thoroughly clean your teeth from the inside. Flossing your teeth every night before going to sleep is an excellent habit. This takes care of any food debris that might escape your toothbrush. Flossing at night makes sure that the bacteria in the mouth have nothing to work on. Make it a point to diligently rinse your mouth after eating anything – this will ensure that no food particles remain stuck between your teeth.

To get rid of the existing plaque, after consulting with your dentist to ensure that it hasn’t reached a stage where it requires medical attention, there are a few home remedies for plaque for at home. Once a week, brush your teeth with a mixture made out of sea salt and lime. For the time being, after every 2-3 days, rinse and gargle your mouth with water that contains hydrogen peroxide. Once most of your accumulated plaque is gone, do this only once a week. You can prepare an herbal rinse and use that as well on a regular basis.

For this, you need to boil around a handful of marigold petals in water till the consistency of water reduces to half. This would be good rinse to use twice a week. Again once a week, first brush your teeth with baking soda and then follow it immediately with your toothpaste. Guava is known to contain properties that actively fight against plaque. Include this fruit regularly in your diet.

Eating an apple after an hour of eating your meal will help to clean out your teeth. Strawberries and tomatoes too help in keeping your teeth clean as they contain an abundance of vitamin C. Avoid excessive intake of tea, coffee, and foods that contain lots of sugar, as the bacteria in our mouth thrive on these.