Treatment For Spondylosis And Intense Neck Pain

By | December 29, 2008

Treatment For Lumbar Disc Spondylosis

The objective of treatment is to reduce pain and prevent injury of the root of the spinal nerve. Spondylosis treatment involves intake of medication and regular workouts. Mild exercise with rest is of great help. Long term bed rest is better avoided, as it increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis. Take the help of a physiotherapist regarding the various types of workouts, which can also improve the posture. Gentle exercises for the neck help in warding off stiffness and pain of the same. Hydrotherapy or swimming at the home level helps to overcome stiffness. A cervical traction device is recommended in case of pressure related pain. This is easily done while lying or resting on the bed. It works on a pulley system with weights, on the head of the patient. Adequate rest for about two weeks proves beneficial. Temporary pain relief is brought about, by the use of mild painkillers. Use of non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants alleviate pain and spasms.

Spondylosis Symptoms And Therapy For Spondylosis

Many over the counter medications are available. These are not taken in combination with prescription drugs. Physical therapy is yet another technique, which uses therapeutic exercise, in conjunction with passive treatment. The latter includes electrical stimulation, heat/ice and ultra sound, which in turn helps in the elimination of pain. Spinal injections, such as facet joint injections and epidural steroid injections provide relief from inflammation of the tissue, which indirectly curbs the associated pain. Surgical treatment of the condition depends on the type of disease, age of the patient, degree of spinal damage and duration of the problem. Ay kind of abnormal growth is eliminated by surgery. Fusion of the vertebrae, by stabilization of the neck is also possible.

Non surgical treatment procedures for spondylosis are acupuncture, brace use, lifestyle modification and cervical traction. A healthy and balanced diet with regular physical activity helps in enhancing the spine function. Shedding the excess weight helps a great deal. Acupuncture is a known technique, which makes use of tiny needles. These are poked at certain points in the body, thereby resulting in the release of certain chemicals. This in turn, helps to alleviate pain and spasms. Cervical traction involves the use of traction with brace. Braces are worn for temporary pain relief. It is not recommended for long term use, as it results in weakening of the spinal muscles. Chiropractors believe in the necessity of a healthy nervous system, as it corresponds to a healthy body. This practice fails to call for surgery or drugs. Spinal manipulation or spinal adjustments, use of heat or ice compresses, massage, ultra sound and lifestyle modification are the various practices of chiropractors.