Teeth Treatment And Remedies For Toothache

By | December 29, 2008

Cures For Toothache And Toothache Home Remedies

A faulty diet and improper oral hygiene are the major culprits for toothache. It is a common problem, encountered by individuals of all age groups. A toothache occurs at any time, devoid of any warning signs. Proper teeth structure is essential, and forms an integral part of an individual’s health and appearance. Toothache is accompanied by a sharp or throbbing pain in the affected tooth. Extraction of the tooth is the ultimate option for a bad tooth.

A diet rich in refined carbohydrates, such as pastries, refined flour, cookies, candies and soft drinks result in tooth decay. Calcium is the mineral, which is found in teeth. It reacts with the sugar from foods, in the presence of bacteria, thereby forming acids. This in turn results in dental erosion or tooth decay. A healthy and balanced diet comprising of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and pulses help. This is to be followed by proper brushing, twice a day. Avoid junk foods and alcoholic beverages. Occasional intake is recommended, provided oral hygiene is taken care of.

Toothache Remedies And Teeth Reconstruction

Include fresh green leafy vegetables in the diet. Healthy diet helps in the maintenance of healthy bones in the mouth. Gargle or rinse the mouth with water, after every meal or snack. A good toothpaste and tooth brush are essential prerequisites for a good set of teeth. Garlic is effective against toothache. Clove is an age old remedy for toothache. Clove oil is available commercially, which helps to alleviate bad breath and tooth decay. A clove is placed with rock salt at the affected tooth, to provide relief.

Chewing a raw onion, once a day helps to provide relief from all kinds of teeth disorders. Certain hot or cold foods might aggravate pain. It is better to avoid foods at extreme temperatures. Opt for foods at room temperature. Tea tree oil and clove oil possess anti bacterial property, and helps to ward off toothache. Avoid foods that require heavy mastication, such as meat, fibrous vegetables and fruits. Liquids and soft, bland foods are preferred. Lukewarm liquids such as lemon water, tea and cocoa are helpful. Foods loaded with spices or sugars are not recommended. Always take time to brush. Do not brush in a hurry! The quality of the bristles is important. Check out for expired toothpastes. It helps to keep the gums and teeth healthy and clean. Take the guidance of a dental specialist, at the earliest possible, to avoid any further complications.