Calories In Pinto Beans

By | February 22, 2011

Pinto beans are also known as mottled beans and belong to the family of various other beans like black beans, navy beans and kidney beans. These beans are a rich source of proteins and their appearance looks speckled and painted. The texture while eating the cooked beans is creamy. Pinto beans are available in containers which are pre-packed or in bulk bins.

Calories in pinto beans

Calories in pinto beans in 1 cup or in 170 grams are 234 which are on the high side, however, these beans are very filling and a person cannot consume too much of them. The fiber content in Pinto beans like in most other beans is high and helps to lower the cholesterol. It also prevents the blood sugar levels from rising too fast after eating a meal and this is why is a recommended food for diabetics.

Calories in pinto beans cooked:

Calories in pinto beans cooked and combined with brown rice makes a fat free healthy meal which is rich in proteins. Pinto beans offer a lot more of nutrition by way of copper, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, protein and vitamin B1.

How many calories in pinto beans:

The questions how many calories in pinto beans does not arise as this is a complete healthy food which is eaten with the right combinations can give you a fat free high protein meal which will help one to remain fit and energetic.

Nutrition facts pinto beans:

Nutrition facts pinto beans are that these are a rich source of minerals, iron, proteins, vitamins and fiber. These nutrients are beneficial to the heart and also stabilize the levels of blood sugar. Pinto beans are a healthier food than red meat as they are fat free.

Calories in pinto beans cooked with ham:

Calories in pinto beans cooked with ham are around 187. The beans are low in calories but the ham does have a lot more of fat and this put up the calorie content.

Calories pinto bean soup:

Calories in pinto bean soup can be controlled and kept low by using vegetables or vegetable stock which has no fat and is low in caloric content.  The best way to cook pinto beans is to presoak them overnight and then pressure cook them as they would take a long time to cook otherwise.

Calories canned pinto beans

Calories in canned pinto beans are the same as in the fresh ones and here again it is the way you cook them which will give you the final calorie count. Use pinto beans in sauces like you would baked beans and make them with gravy which is a lot more appetizing.