Calories In Figs

By | February 22, 2011

Figs or Ficus Carica belong to the mulberry family and are one of the earliest fruits known to man. The fruits are luscious and have a texture which is chewy with a sweet fragrance. This fruit was a favorite of the Romans and especially of Cleopatra. Figs can be eaten either as a fresh fruit or as a dry one. Figs come in various colors like brown, green and purple. There are several health benefits associated in eating this fruit which is also known to be an aphrodisiac.

Figs Calories

Calories in figs depend on whether you are consuming dry figs or the fresh ones. Dry figs have a high calorie content being five times more than fresh ones. 100 grams of fresh figs contain only 44 calories while the same amount of dry figs contains 215 calories. However, both fresh and dried are very nutritious and contain beta carotene, potassium, iron and both insoluble as well as soluble fiber.  Figs have health benefits for anemia, digestion and constipation and also protect against the risk of cancer.

How many calories in figs:
If you are wondering how many calories in figs are there then it is better to stick to fresh figs rather than consume the dry ones which have five times as many calories as the fresh figs. However, fresh figs have a high content of fiber which is good for weight watchers. The potassium content in figs helps to regulate the blood pressure. The leaves of the fig plant have properties which are effective in controlling the blood sugar in diabetics who can reduce the quantity of insulin they are taking if they eat fig leaves.

Calories in figs dried:
Calories in figs dried may be much higher than what they are in fresh figs but the nutrition is the same and so are the health benefits. Eating figs reduces the risk of cancer of the breast while potassium and calcium prevents the bones from thinning and instead promotes the density of bones; sleeping disorders are reduced because of the Tryptophan in figs which induces sleep and gets rid of insomnia and sleeping disorders.

Calories in fresh figs

Calories in fresh figs are a lot less when compared to those in dried figs which mean that you can consume a lot more of them. Eating figs keeps fatigue at bay and boosts the memory; fig juice is known to relieve bronchial irritation; milk  and figs when consumed together cure anemia and they have a laxative effect which helps chronic constipation.

How many calories in fresh figs
Do not worry about how many calories in fresh figs as this is one fifth of what is there in dried figs. Figs have so many health benefits that it is good to consume them regularly. The fiber in figs reduces blood cholesterol while mashed figs are good for applying on the skin as they cure inflammation and also pimples and acne. Fresh figs may not be available round the year but dried figs are and can be used instead if one is not watching one’s weight.