Diet For Increasing Height And Healthy Diet For Kids

By | December 12, 2008

Nutrition And Healthy Eating For Kids

My son is of 10 years. His height is too short. He is taking proper diet. But there is no improvement. Can you suggest me something that is effective. I am under stress due to this.

Hi! The height of an individual is a physical trait, which is determined by genes. Do not panic! In general, men grow taller than women. Certain artificial methods of height enhancement are the use of height enhancement shoes and pills. The safety and effectiveness of the latter is questionable or at the very least variable. Height increase pills trigger the growth hormone. A number of claims are made by individual manufacturing companies. Nutritionists discourage the use of such products, due to certain side effects, which might affect the individual in the later life.  Give your child the time and a chance to grow naturally.  A healthy diet is necessary for good height, though the genes also play a vital role in growing tall.

Natural Ways To Grow Taller

  • Your son is only ten years and is yet to grow tall. Help him with certain height enhancement exercises.
  • Stand with feet apart and place your palms behind your neck. Bend towards the side, at your hips. Do not bend your knees. Bend for a few seconds and relax. Repeat the same procedure for ten times on both the sides.
  • Keep your feet together and inhale. Stretch your arms to the shoulder level. Relax and bend your arms in the other direction, till wherever possible.
  • Extend your arms, parallel to the ground. Lift them above your head and then to the back. Bring them back to the original position, in a gradual manner.
  • Stretch your arms to the shoulder level. Stand on your toes and lift your heel in a gradual manner. Exhale gradually and bring the hand back.
  • Keep your feet apart and bend at your waist. Touch the ground with your hands and lift the heels. Repeat this procedure, as this exercise helps in the elongation and flexibility of the spine.

Regular exercise with a balanced diet helps to enhance height. Exercises help in the normal secretion of the growth hormones, thereby aiding in growth. Most individuals grow till their middle or teenage years or till they are twenty. Artificial administration of growth hormone proves helpful in some instances. But, this proves harmful, after the cessation of bone growth. Surgical methods include the use of artificial stretching, which comprises of steel rods that increase bone length. Shoes with insoles have as much as four inches of internal height. But, all these artificial means are a consideration, after your son grows to his full height.