Lyme Disease Treatment And Health Foods

By | March 10, 2009

Nutrition Food And Chronic Lyme Disease

Lyme disease if left untreated can cause harm to the body. Is there any treatment and healthy food which can help treat lyme.

Lyme disease is a very dangerous disease, which is usually found in North America and parts of Europe. It is mainly caused by the bacteria – Borrelia burgdorferi. The bacteria are passed on to mammals and humans by infected ticks. These ticks bite the host leaving a red scar or blemish.
Initially the scar may remain in a localized region but in days to come, the bacteria disseminate into the blood stream, and multiply at a phenomenal rate.

If left untreated, the disease can have fatal consequences. In the initial stages the infected person might face problems such as depression and fatigue.  As days go by, the bacteria attack the liver, heart and nervous system, limiting the bodily functions such as cognitive and thinking ability. The patient might experience loss in short term memory and problems in concentration. The bacteria also attack several joints in the body and hamper movement, causing chronic joint pain. Therefore it becomes all the more important to treat the disease as soon as possible.

Lyme Disease Treatment With Healthy Foods

The best mode of treatment for Lyme disease is an oral course of antibiotics. This medication is most effective in the initial stages of Lyme disease. However, there have been certain cases where the disease has recurred after the medication. In these cases the patient has to be given long term medication. There are also several studies going on currently to find the best form of cure for Lyme disease in the long term.

Diet is an important aspect for the treatment of Lyme disease. You have to avoid certain foods if suffering from Lyme disease. These are foods high in fat or sugar content as these foods aggravate the build up of toxins in the body, which can slow down the process of recovery for the patient suffering from Lyme disease. Certain foods have to be encouraged during the course of the disease. These include green leafy vegetables and fruits. These foods have proved to be a great force in fighting diseases and bodily disorders due to their high content of vitamins and minerals. Also avoid caffeine, smoking and consumption of alcohol. These can be deterrents for a speedy recovery from this dangerous disease.

Lyme disease is a really risky disease and can restrict various functions of the body. Added to this there are long term side effects after the treatment of the disease. Therefore we need to be really careful and avoid any negligence.