Natural Ways For Freedom From Headache

By | April 20, 2009

Easy Steps For Freedom From Headache

The space between your ears is fragile, and a pain in that space can definitely affect your life. Yes we are talking about headaches, which can strike almost anyone at anytime. But before you pick that pill to put down your pain try the following drug free, natural ways to get freedom from headaches

Tips And Treatment For Headache And Migraine

Try A Heat Pad – Often a headache is the result of tightened neck muscles due to stress which can cause decreased blood flow to the brain and lead to pain in the head. Heat application can help by soothing the stressed muscles and increasing the blood flow to the brain. Place a heat pad at the back of your neck and head to relieve pressure and tension headaches.

Ice Application – Applying ice on the head when you have a headache is one of the best natural ways to deal with headaches. You may choose anything from a bag of frozen vegetables to ice packs wrapped in a towel.

Relax – Probably the best thing you can do when a headache strikes is to relax in a dark, quiet room. Simply lie down or take a short nap as any kind of movement can worsen the pain.

Scalp Massage – Gently massage your head with your fingertips as if you are washing your scalp. Another effective technique for massage is placing a hairbrush (natural bristle) just above the eyebrow, at your temple and slowly moving it in small circles towards the back of your head. A soothing massage to certain other body parts or to be specific acupuncture points can also offer relief. Some common points include web of the skin between your forefingers and thumb, tiny ridge between the back of the head and neck, top of your foot that is on the Achilles tendon.

Dim Lights – Another major cause for headaches is eyestrain, either by staring at your computer screen or watching television for long hours. In such cases, rub your palms against each other several times to warm them up slightly and cup them over the eyes to block out all light completely for about 30 seconds. Before taking off your palms close your eyes then lower your palms and open your eyes slowly. This natural and simple exercise will help avoid the onset of headaches.

Coffee – Drink a cup of coffee, caffeine in coffee helps to constrict the blood vessels and thus can help give relief. However avoid excessive coffee consumption in a day, that is, more than 200 milligrams per day.

If your intensity or frequency of headaches is severe see a specialist to determine the exact cause of your pain and take appropriate measure to treat the cause in order to get rid of the headaches for good.