Weight Reduction Diet Chart To Lose Weight

By | November 19, 2008

Weight Loss for Kids and Tips to make a Diet Chart

The weight for your 10 year old girl falls in the normal BMI according to her height. So the main focus should be on providing a healthy diet and inculcating healthy eating habits at this stage to maintain an ideal body weight as she becomes an adult. Your child’s nutrition will determine her overall health status. Try to include 3 meals a day and two nutritious snacks as fillers in between meals or when she is hungry. The goal should be limiting simple sugars and fatty foods and emphasis should be on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole cereals grains and its products and low fat dairy products. Including enough serving of low fat milk, yoghurt or cheese will help to suffice her calcium needs. Calcium will not only help to ensure her physical growth to her maximum potential but also avoid bone related problems later in life. Try the following healthy diet tips for your child –

Healthy Dieting Tips for Kids

  • Include a variety of food in her diet to gain maximum nutritional benefit as no one food will provide all the nutrients.
  • Choose a diet that is low in saturated fats, cholesterol and trans fats and increase the consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Also the basis of her diet should be whole grains cereals and its products and refined or processed grains or cereals should be avoided as far as possible.
  • You should promote good nutrition by setting a good example yourself. If you want that your child should avoid junk foods and oily foods then you should also avoid them. Encourage to eat at least the main meals at the dining table together. This habit will tighten your family bonds and also inculcate good eating habits.
  • Breakfast is a very important meal for your child that should not be skipped. Many studies show increased attention and concentration span in children who ate breakfast compared to who didn’t eat.
  • Certain foods that have low nutritional value and which provides high simple calories should be avoided. These include sweet desserts, sugar coated cereals, junk foods, colas, carbonated drinks, other soft drinks, sodas, caffeinated beverages, bakery foods, candies, chocolates, chips, flavored or sweetened juices, and sweets.
  • Balancing the food with adequate physical activity is very essential. Restricting the hours of watching television or playing computer games is very essential to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Encourage for outdoor sports and games which she likes, this will not only help her to be active but also help her to grow as a fit adult.

Always try to maintain a diet chart for weight loss or graph at the start of any diet plan or program.