Scotch and Atkin Weight Loss Diet Program

By | November 19, 2008

Low Carb Diet Menu with Atkin Diet

Dr Atkin Diet Food List and Recommendations

Atkins diet is basically low carbohydrate dieting and the focus is mainly laid on fats and proteins. For this reason it is very important to count the total carbohydrate intake in the day. Counting carbohydrate in all the food you eat can be the biggest hurdle in this diet, but once learned can take you through your goal easily. This program will in fact help you to find your carbohydrate tolerance level. There are four phases to be followed in Atkins diet, these include induction phase, ongoing weight loss phase, pre-maintenance phase and maintenance phase. The duration of each phase shall depend on how you respond to the diet and how much overweight you are.

You can start with any of the four phases and may even skip the induction phase. But starting with induction phase will kick start your weight loss process as it involves strict carbohydrate restriction. Any alcoholic beverages, including scotch are strictly forbidden in the induction period of Atkins diet. As you progress to another phase you can add nutrient dense carbohydrates in your diet (avoid sugars and refined or processed grains). The aim is to monitor your weight and stay at a carbohydrate level where you can still lose weight. Gradually you can move to maintenance phase or Atkins for life phase which is a life long program. This is a stage where you need to eat a low carbohydrate diet that will allow you to maintain your weight.

Induction phase involves a strict cut back of carbohydrates to less than 20 gm per day. In the ongoing weight loss phase, carbohydrates are gradually added to the diet and weight loss slows to 1-2 pounds per week. You can add 5 gm carbohydrate per day until you feel an appropriate level is achieved. You can continue this phase until you lose 5-10 pounds from your weight loss goal. In pre-maintenance phase you can add 10 gm carbohydrate per carefully on daily basis. You should deliberately aim to lose weight slowly over a period of 2-3 months. Maintenance phase of Atkins diet should be continued for life for weight maintenance. You can choose this plan forever until you gain weight in future.
Atkins diet should be practiced only under the supervision and guidance of a health care specialist. Try to avoid scotch or other alcoholic drinks if you plan to take Atkins diet as these are loaded with simple carbohydrates and alcohol (with no other major nutrients) which are restricted in all the phases of Atkins diet.

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