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By | February 17, 2010

Treating Sore Throat And Bump Cures

Tongue bumps are also known as lie bumps and are caused by injury to the tongue from eating foods that are abrasive to the tongue, biting the tongue accidentally, and also from brushing the tongue. This injury is usually not serious in any way and without treatment will simply go away. The problem that causes lie bumps is usually an injury to the papillae or taste buds. These are the regular bumpy structures of your tongue that are used to taste food.

Going by logic, when there is some kind of injury to the tongue papillae, the sense of taste is usually lost. Your condition in that sense is quite akin to a burnt tongue. Note that if the bumps are hard and large and the rest of your mouth is inflamed, it could be an indication of some kind of oral infection.

The tongue is made purely of muscle and is one of these most flexible muscles in the mouth. It is usually shielded from most infectious diseases that affect the mouth unlike the teeth. The teeth, on the other hand, will almost inevitable degrade at some point in the lifetime of an individual. This is because the teeth are constantly under some form of attack or the other.

The most common problem is caries. This occurs due acid creating bacteria in the mouth slowly eroding away the calcium in the teeth faster than the saliva can deposit calcium and reverse the erosion. At some point, the teeth are severely compromised resulting in tooth decay and cavities.

When the erosion causes the soft tissue inside the teeth to be exposed, the infection can go out of control. As mentioned earlier, the tongue is mostly shielded from these kinds of problems. One of the infections that can occur on the tongue is a disease that children and immune-compromised individuals get called oral thrush. This is an infection of the oral mucosa by candida fungi and presents with a white cheese-like coating at the back of the mouth.

Curing your situation requires nothing more than some ice to quell the inflammation and just waiting it out until the body heals this damage. Your papillae and the sense of taste will be completely restored at the end of this healing process. You do need to stay away from hot foods and spicy food that can really irritate the lie bumps that have developed.