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By | January 5, 2010

Body Odor Treatment – Tips For Keeping Yourself Free From Foul Smell

Body odor, needless to say, can be one of the biggest turnoffs ever. It isn’t just women that express such views about offensive odor. Men also state that body odor can be quite repulsive. The thing to understand is that while body odor is completely natural, excessive off-putting body odor is simply not acceptable. Whatever the excuse, the individual needs to realize that steps must be taken to abate such body odor. While most people would like to blame alternate causes, body odor is still primarily a hygiene issue. There, however, could be other explanations for body odor such as diet and medication. Usually, if one amends just two things – diet and hygiene – this odor problem should be eliminated in no time at all.

Diet For Body Odor Treatment

As far as diet goes, sage tea can really be of help if you consume a strong cup of it over the course of your day. In a similar way, green tea is thought to be beneficial in combating those strong smells. Parsley not only helps with bad breath but also with general body odor, therefore you should chew on these leaves. One can also consume the juice of parsley leaves. It should come as no surprise that there are certain kinds of foods responsible for odor problems. The obvious choices would be garlic and onions since these not only cause bad breath but also, since they are eventually absorbed in a person’s bloodstream, are responsible for that lingering odor. Pungent spices as well as alcohol can lead to bad body odor, so these should also join your list of foods to steer clear of.

Besides home remedies, one can’t do without regular bathing. Even if you are hard pressed for time, a quick shower won’t take much more than five minutes. This is imperative especially if you intend to visit a closed or air-conditioned space. Almost everyone can remember a time when someone or the other entered a hall or office reeking of strong body odor. This is because body odor is much more noticeable and offensive in such environments. If you think about masking it with deodorant, think again. The combination of body odor mixed with deodorant can be extremely repulsive. There is no substitute for a quick wash before stepping out. If the unpleasant odor persists, do consult your doctor to check whether it is due to some medication you are taking, or whether there could be another medical problem behind this odor.