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By | October 9, 2009

Women Health Issues And PMS Symptoms And Remedies

Women’s health issues can range from menstrual cycles to periods to sexual health. The list is endless. As these health issues primarily include a vast array of conditions, there are thus a large number of symptoms which fall in this category. The symptoms of PMS generally include vomiting and nausea. At times they may also be accompanied by muscle and joint pain. A few of the other symptoms would include mood swings, depression and anxiety. Menstrual migraines are headaches that are characterized by severe throbbing pain. These kinds of headaches are experienced only during the menstrual cycle. The condition known as toxic shock syndrome is brought about by a bacterial infection. Muscle pain, chills, fever are some of the usual symptoms associated with this condition. Although this particular condition is quite rare, it can however have detrimental consequences.

Women Health Issues And Menopause Relief

Yeast infections are one of the most common types of infections. This particular kind of infection leads to an inflammation of the skin that surrounds the vagina. Severe burning and itching accompanied with a thick odorless discharge are the general symptoms of this condition. Amenorrhea is a condition that is characterized by the cessation or absence of periods, which is not linked to pregnancy or menopause. Yogurt, boric acid and tea tree oil are used very frequently for the purpose of treating yeast infections. Rosemary oil and lavender oil are utilized in order to minimize the severity and effect of menstrual migraines. The herb known as feverfew has also been known to prevent and treat menstrual migraines. Chamomile has been used for effectively treating both the psychological as well as physical effects of PMS. A very popular and effective tonic is prepared by immersing a few chamomile flowers into a cup of boiling water.

It is crucial to maintain a healthy dietary regime. A healthy and balanced diet can help in warding off conditions such as osteoporosis and polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS. Make it a point to include a lot of green vegetables and fresh fruits into your diet. Reduce the intake of red meat. Women that are obese or overweight generally face a greater risk of contracting several diseases. It is important to cut down on junk food, fried food and processed food. Exercising regularly is also equally important. Even 15-20 minutes of exercise daily can go a long way. This will help in improving circulation and will also help in maintaining one’s body weight.