Home Remedies For Post Nasal Drip | Post Nasal Drip Nausea Treatment

By | January 29, 2010

Dealing With Post Nasal Drip Issues

Post nasal drip is a condition that is brought about due to an excessive production of mucus. This excess mucus then begins to accumulate at the back of one’s throat and nose, which can then lead to a sore throat, cold or cough. Mucus basically plays the role of a broom; it helps in cleaning our nasal passages. Thus it gets rid of viruses, bacteria, and various other foreign invaders that can cause infections and illnesses. In addition to this it also helps in humidifying the air which travels into our body. Overproduction of mucus can be caused by a large number of reasons, such as pollution, allergies, a cold, flu and dust.

Treat Post Nasal Drip Effectively

A post nasal drip can be treated effectively by following a few simple home remedies. A salt water gargle is one of the most widely recommended remedies for this condition. To a glass of water, add half a teaspoon of salt. This solution should be used as a gargle two to three times a day, on a regular basis. The excess mucus will be absorbed by the salt, thus providing instant relief. Steam inhalation is also known to work well on this condition. Place a pot of water to heat on medium heat. Once the water begins to boil place you head over the vessel. Now place a towel over your head in such a way that both your head as well as the vessel are covered. This will ensure that the steam instead of escaping will now be directed towards your face. Inhale the warm vapors for a few minutes. As an alternative, placing a humidifier in the room will also help. Sipping on a cup of warm herbal tea or even drinking a bowl of hot chicken soup will help in keeping this condition under control, by flushing out any excess mucus.

Those suffering from post nasal drip should stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine and spicy or creamy foods. Increasing the intake of water will also prove to be beneficial, as it will help in getting rid of the excess mucus. Drinking about eight to ten glasses of water a day would suffice. Apart from this, the individual should also consume plenty of fresh vegetable as well as fruit juices. If none of theses remedies seem to work, then consulting a physician is highly recommended, as it could be indicative of some other underlying condition.