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By | July 23, 2010

Home Remedies for Dry Cough Pneumonia

Before you decide which kind of home remedies will be suitable for your cough, it is better to determine the kind of cough you have. Check whether your cough is filled with sputum. Secondly, is the sputum colored or clear? Apart from this, are you wheezing and feel that there is some kind of liquid that is in your airways. Your treatment options will depend upon the kind of answers you get to these questions.

Cough and Pneumonia: Cough is an irritant in the respiratory tract. Irritants are foreign objects, allergens and infectious bacteria. Some types of viruses and bacteria urge the body to cough out these out so that they can become airborne. If you feel you have a cough, check to see if you have sputum. If there is, then it means that there is an inflammation as well as mucus production. Clear mucus means that the inflammation isn’t an infection. If the sputum is yellow, then it means that there is a bacterial infection. Green and white sputum means that it is a kind of viral infection, while brown sputum means that it is a kind of fungal infection. If you’ve been wheezing, then the infection could be in your airway or bronchus, and then it means that you might have pneumonia. A lung infection, it can be fatal if you do not get any medical attention.

Home Remedies and Natural Treatment

You can consult a doctor for anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial remedies. You can also use decongestants. You should also take tea to bring down the respiratory inflammation. Add ginger flakes and feverfew leaves to the decoction in boiling water before dipping your tea bag.

You should also have soups all through the day. Add turmeric, pepper and garlic to the soup. You can also do steam inhalations with lemon oil and tea tree oil to clear your airways and fight the infection. Apart from these therapies, you must rest a lot and let your body heal the infection. Avoid drinking cold water or any ice-cold carbonated beverages. Stay clear of ice-creams and other frozen desserts and chilled drinks. You can drink water at room temperature.

If you have a dry cough, use fresh ginger juice and mix it with honey. Drink this a few times a day to get quick relief from the cough. You should also gargle with warm salt water every now and then. You can even gargle with a decoction made with mint leaves.