Home Remedies For Pleurisy | Pleaurisy Disease Causes And Treatments

By | November 12, 2009

Pleurisy Symptoms And Home Treatments For Pleaurisy

Pleurisy is caused by an inflammation of the pleura membrane which lines the inside of the chest and forms an envelope around the lungs. An infection of this membrane causes it to get inflamed, leading to a rubbing of the pleural layers against each other. This causes much pain and discomfort while breathing. Other symptoms of pleurisy include shortness of breath, rapid and shallow breathing, swollen joints and soreness of the throat, along with a sudden loss of weight. One of the most common causes of pleurisy is a viral infection that affects the pleura membrane.

What Causes Pleurisy? Pleurisy Natural Treatments

Bacterial infections such as pneumonia and tuberculosis are other causes of this ailment. Chest injuries are also responsible for the onset of pleurisy, to an extent, whereas in some cases, there need not be an illness or infection for the condition to arise. The common cold is another primary cause for pleurisy. When the inflamed layers of pleura rub against each other, they make a rough, scratchy sound, known as a pleural friction rub. In order to identify the illness, a medical practitioner will pay careful attention to detect any unusual sounds that emanate from the lungs.

Treating pleurisy can be undertaken by a few well recommended, easy to follow home remedies. A hot fermentation towel should be placed directly on the chest and on the painful areas of the back and shoulders to relieve the pain. This should be carried out at least twice or thrice a day. Ensure that no ice pack is placed on the chest to relieve pain, because this will worsen the condition. The movement of the lungs can be restricted by strapping the chest tight, either with a muslin bandage or adhesive bandage.

Celery has well known antispasmodic properties, and its use in food has been recommended. Similarly, a powder made of the roots of the herb hog weed is used to remove any deposited matter from within the bronchial tubes. A milk diet is another well recommended remedy to help overcome pleurisy. This diet involves giving the patient fresh milk at frequent intervals. An orange can be added to the milk diet, once a day. This helps to build up the immune system and overcome the excessive weight loss. It is extremely important to give the afflicted person an air bath, sun bath or dry friction bath. A good amount of fresh air and proper rest is also required to enable to body to deal with the illness on its own.