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By | November 13, 2009

Remedies For Congestion And Home Remedies For Croup Cough

Croup is the terminology used for a number of respiratory disorders that usually affect infants and children. It is a condition is which the membrane that lines the insides of the chest and covers the lungs, tends to get inflamed. The symptoms of croup include a harsh, barking cough, whistling obstructing sounds while breathing in and a hoarseness caused by obstructions in the region of the larynx. However, it must be made known that the disease is not caused by the infection itself, but is an inflammatory response of the affected part of the respiratory system.

Croup is known to have caused fatalities, if not taken care of in time. It is caused by the parainfluenza virus, in most cases. Spasmodic croup, a variant of the croup illness, is caused by a cold which leads to the croupy cough. This variant of the illness is primarily caused by allergic reactions, and most commonly occurs during fall and winter. Keeping your child away from croup infected children will help in preventing the spread of the illness.

Balanced Diet And Croup Cough Natural Remedies

A balanced diet will assist in the repair and rejuvenation of worn out tissues and cells. Maintaining the fluid level of the body by drinking lots of water, or apple juice, will prove to be helpful. It is best advised that you avoid milk, as milk tends to thicken mucous, thereby worsening congestion that may cause difficulty in breathing. Chamomile tea is well known for its anti-inflammatory and calming properties, and is therefore recommended in the treatment of croup. Giving your child a warm chicken broth, enriched with garlic, oregano and thyme will fight infection and soothe the throat. Boosting the immune system, by giving your child enough vitamin C will help in fighting the infection too.

Steam inhalation is one of the oldest used methods to relieve croup. The steam enters the air passages and liquefies any mucous deposits that may be causing a constriction in the air tubes. People also take a walk in moist night air, to soothe the air tubes. A cool mist humidifier or a hot shower will ensure a moistening of the respiratory tubes to ease the discomfort of dealing with croup. Staying calm is recommended as anxiety leads to quickened breathing which aggravates the condition. In case your child has a fever that ranges between 102° and 104°, or you notice that your child is leaning forward and gasping for breath, it is imperative that you seek medical attention without any delay.