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By | October 13, 2009

Gum Infection Home Remedies For Preventing Tooth Decay

A tooth infection or gum infection can be pretty painful as the pain that starts as a result of tooth decay begins to touch the nerve of the tooth. This is believed to be one of the most common reasons for tooth ache, and the prolonged neglect of such a condition can lead to secondary tooth and gum infections. It is important to visit your dental practitioner for a correct diagnosis. In some cases the dentist may recommend to have the tooth extracted in order to bring relief from the pain and also prevent the infection from spreading to the nearby teeth and gums.

Bleeding Gum Treatment For Treating Gum Infection

While dental decay can cause severe pain, sometimes pains arising from the teeth or the gums may not be caused by the tooth or the gum at all and may be an indication of other disorders in the body such as heart disorders, ear infections, sinus difficulties and infections. Hence it is extremely important to get the symptoms evaluated and examined by your dental practitioner as well as your doctor. A thorough medical examination involving medical history and physical tests such as x-rays are useful in determining the correct cause.

However until the time you arrive at your dental practitioner’s clinic you may want to control the pain. There are a number of home remedies that are useful in bringing about tooth pain relief. One of the most common and popular home remedies for tooth or gum ache is clove oil. In the absence of clove oil, a couple of cloves are also useful. Place the clove on the tooth that is causing the ache and clamp your jaw shut. As the clove extracts slowly start seeping through the tooth and gum you may discover that the pain has started to decrease rapidly. Clove is a natural painkiller and is extremely effective in bringing relief from uncomfortable toothaches and pain. In extremely rare cases, certain nerve ailments are also likely to cause chronic toothache and gum pains.

Garlic is also believed to be a good pain relief provider and in some cases, a crushed garlic clove works almost as effectively as a painkiller. A crushed garlic clove blended with a pinch of rock salt must be placed on the tooth causing the pain, in order to obtain relief. Another useful kitchen remedy is the use of pepper. A pinch of freshly ground pepper combined with clove oil is also considered to be highly effective in soothing sore toothaches and gum pain.