Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain | Treating Back Pain Effectively

By | October 13, 2009

Back Pain Treatment For Lower Abdominal Back Pain

In almost 90 percent of people who suffer from lower back pain, it is assumed that the pain usually goes away on its own in about a month. Home care is highly recommended as an initial treatment for lower back pain. Most medical experts believe that excess bed rest can hamper the recovery of lower back pain and hence one must not rest for more than two days at a stretch. In most cases an application made from an ice pack or a heat pack can help in providing relief for some people and may be used as an initial treatment. However moderate heat or cold is preferable rather than extreme temperatures. A warm water bag works best, especially at night while a cold pack wrapped in a clean cloth or a towel at other times during the day can help in reducing the pain.

Tips For Dealing With Acute Lower Back Pain

Most people discover that their lower back pain improves within a few days, with some basic self-care. Certain activities such as stretching or lifting heavy objects – that can place an additional strain on the back – must not be performed in order to avoid further injury.

Some physiotherapists are of the opinion that lying on one side while sleeping and placing a pillow between the knees can help in increasing comfort and reducing lower back pain while sleeping. Some experts advise their patients to lie on the back with a pillow placed under the knees in order to help reduce the pain. Those who suffer from chronic back pain without any underlying medical condition may benefit from certain exercises and that may help them to return to their normal activities. However those with acute back pain must not perform any back exercises as they are not believed to provide any relief. Speak with a doctor if you feel the need for pain killers or pain prescriptions or if the lower back pain is too much to bear.

Consult with your doctor or your physical therapist if your lower back pain has not decreased for more than a week and understand from your medical expert how to manage the pain and try to identify the reason behind your symptoms. Certain therapists offer intensive treatment for lower back pain that can last for more than three months and have programs in combination with strengthening exercises along with activities to help increase the individual’s functionality and manage the pain. It is important to maintain a good posture and avoid lifting heavy objects in order to prevent further problems. Managing stressful situations and keeping the back and stomach muscles strong can help in preventing lower back pain.