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By | March 2, 2010

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Effective Home Remedies

Carpel tunnel syndrome or CTS is a condition that causes the gradual weakening of the muscles of the wrist. This condition gets its name from the carpal tunnel in the wrist. This tunnel is made up of bone and ligaments and forms a protective covering for the nerves and tendons of our hands. Swelling of the tissue around the tendons, the swelling of the tendons, or the shrinking of the carpal tunnel can result in the compression of the nerves running through this tunnel.

This may cause pain in the thumb, index and middle finger along the path of the median nerve. Patients may also experience the symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome all over the palm. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is common more in women above the age of 45 than in men. Long hours of repetitive work, such as typing, using a sewing machine, sports are the precipitating factor of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

There are different approaches for the treatment of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Aids such as braces are tried first to immobilize the wrist, and the last resort is surgery. The surgery is conducted to release the compressed median nerve, and the results are generally very good. An excellent home remedy for carpal tunnel syndrome is an herbal oil massage. Make sure that you go to a professional masseuse as excess pressure on the wrist joint can cause additional pain. Another good home remedy for carpel tunnel syndrome is a comfortable wrist brace which relieves the pressure on the Median nerve.

The following a few precautions that help in overcoming Carpel Tunnel Syndrome:

  • Before you try to remedy the situation, you will have to ensure that you do not place any additional strain on your wrists. It would, therefore, be advisable to refrain from typing for lengthy periods, play a musical instrument, or indulge in related activities that require you to constantly flex your wrist muscles.
  • It is very important that your muscles are as relaxed as possible and so you can lift your hands high above your head and then slowly rotate them at the shoulder to eliminate muscle tension. You can also do a few simple rotational neck exercises as this too will help to get rid of muscle tension. This also helps to increase blood circulation to your arms which will help to reduce any inflammation.
    An ice pack should be applied if the wrist aches. This will help to reduce the pain and cause any swelling to subside.
  • Hot water treatment is also helpful. You can hold a warm compress or a heating pad against your wrists as the heat will help to increase circulation and decrease inflammation.
  • Place your hands in warm water for 30 minutes. You could also a few drops of lavender oil to the water.
  • Wearing a splint can help provide support to the injured wrist and prevent you from bending your wrist.