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By | January 19, 2010

Remedies For Strep Throat And Congested Throat Cures

Toddlers and small children are quite prone to suffering from flu and colds as their immune systems are too undeveloped to fight viruses. When they do get colds and flu, they would also suffer from sore throats and complain of scratchiness and pain in the throat, especially while swallowing food or drink. Other than that, the child may also sound hoarse and even lose his or her voice temporarily. If you see these symptoms, you must immediately administer some treatment to bring relief and rest to the baby.

Tips For Treating Babys Congested Throat

If the baby is more than a year old, you can make a tea of hot water, honey and fresh lemon juice. After the tea is bearably warm for the baby, feed it to him with a spoon or have him suck on it from a bottle. Another method is boiling a whole lemon in water and squeezing its juice out after it has cooled down. Add it to a cup of honey and give your baby a teaspoon of it about thrice a day. This remedy will keep the baby’s throat moist and relieve scratchiness.

Eucalyptus is a great curer of viral infections, congestion and sore throat. Add eucalyptus oil to hot water, dip a cloth in it, wring the water out, and when it’s bearably warm, place it on your baby’s throat and chest. The steam and eucalyptus oil will cure the sore throat. If the baby is less than six months old, rubbing a mix of chamomile or lavender oil and almond oil on the chest and throat will bring relief. For babies older than six months, rubbing tea tree essential oil will also help.

Till the baby recovers, feed him only healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and fruit juices. Avoid processed foods and fast food, especially oily and fried foods. Artificial flavors in chocolates and pastries may also worsen the condition. There are also fruits that are acidic in content (orange, tomato, pineapple, and grapefruit), and must be avoided as they can irritate the throat. Go for apples and apple juice instead.

Giving your child ginger ale or soda after letting the fizz out completely will also help in moistening and soothing the throat. Garlic has antiviral properties and can alleviate a sore throat. You can also garnish regular food with garlic till your child feels better, or if you can, have the baby chew on a clove of garlic. If these treatments do not help in a couple of days, you must consult a pediatrician.

Baby sore throat

A baby sore throat is a common complaint as children are more prone to infections as their immune systems are not fully developed and they cannot fight infections. For a small baby a cold is one of the most upsetting problems because along with it they are bound to have a cough and a sore throat. The pain and itchiness in the throat makes them irritable and they go off their food too. Even a liquid diet becomes difficult for them to swallow. You can recognize the symptoms by the child’s behavior and the voice could also become hoarse for the baby. If the baby is very uncomfortable and running a temperature it is best to show it to a pediatrician instead of trying to treat it yourself. A child is more delicate and small infections can make it quite ill so allow the doctor to diagnose it and prescribe medication alongside some home remedies too.

Sore throat in babies

A sore throat in babies is a sign that the baby is suffering with a virus infection. Though in grown ups most viral infections run their course and then pass off, in infants this is not so and the child could get terribly run down. Babies normally give up feeds and this could lead to other problems so it is best to get them treated properly and see a doctor. Kids should be made to feel better as early as possible. If the child shows too much signs of discomfort then a few home remedies can be resorted to until it is shown to the doctor.

Sore throat baby

A sore throat baby will be irritable and have a lot of discomfort. A few home remedies can relieve the symptoms until the doctor decides on the course of action. A steam compress with warm water and some mentholated salve or eucalyptus oil placed on the neck and chest will relieve the baby. The steam and warmth sooths the baby’s throat and the eucalyptus helps relieve the symptoms of cold and congestion.

Rubbing the chest and back with some mentholated salve relieves the symptoms. If you hold your hand to a candle and warm it before applying the salve the warmth is more comforting for the baby as it helps it to breathe better and also comforts it. If there is a hacking cough and fever or vomiting along with the sore throat do not delay taking the baby to the pediatrician.

Baby sore throat remedies

Giving the baby a herbal rub for a sore throat is effective. Add a few drops of essential oils like peppermint, rosemary, sage or eucalyptus to some olive oil and gently apply this mixture to the baby’s chest and back. If applied at night it makes the baby relax and have a good night’s sleep. Make sure that the child is covered well so that it is not exposed to the chill. Putting on a thicker inner garment will keep the child snug and this will create a body heat which will make the essential oils vaporize and have a better effect. A humidifier helps to relieve a cough in the baby.

Baby with sore throat

A baby with a sore throat can be a cause to worry especially if you have not given it the necessary immunizations. These immunizations are started at birth and once you know your baby has been protected you need not worry about the more fatal infections.

Immunizations which the child has to be given are Varicella for chickenpox, influenza, hepatitis B, pneumococcal, DTaP which is for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis, MMR for measles, mumps and rubella, IPV for polio and Haemophilus inflenzae type b.

Baby sore eyes

Baby sore eyes is another troublesome infection as it makes the child terribly irritable because of the discomfort. Sore eyes or conjunctivitis is an inflammation in the membranes which line the eyelids and the area around the eyes. The child will feel that there is some foreign body or grit in the eyes following which the eyelids will swell up and the eyes will start watering. There will be mucous and muco pus secretions. Cereals, bread, candy, syrup and too much of sweet worsen the condition and should be avoided. The eyes should be kept clean with just plain warm water and most food which will aggravate it should be stopped. Once the infection clears the child can be started on a fruit diet after which normal food can be given. Show the baby’s eyes to the doctor and take his advice on how to care for the problem.

Baby has sore throat

If the baby is younger than three months old and gets a cold and sore throat the doctor should be consulted immediately. The doctor should check to see if there is any secondary problem along with the cold and sore throat. Till the cold subsides one should ensure that the baby gets enough rest and a lot of liquids. In case the nose is blocked prop the baby’s cradle on the head side up a bit. Keep the nose clean and make him feel secure by being at his side.

Baby sore throat treatment

A baby is born with a certain amount of inborn immunity which it gets from the mother’s blood in the womb. The immunity remains for a while and is enhanced when the baby is breast fed as breast milk has anti bodies. Once this immunity wears off the baby is prone to infections like a sore throat and colds and coughs. To make sure that nothing more serious is contacted give your baby the immunization shots.

Sore throat babies

Unlike very young infants a child can breathe when he is around 5 or 6 years of age and is much easier to handle. Stuffed noses still prevent them from sleeping well and eating but parent’s can cope with it at this age. If the child is running a temperature see the doctor to keep it under control.

Baby throat

Another baby throat problem could be infected tonsils. This is a problem which will need the doctor’s advice and cannot be treated on one’s own. This could also become chronic and the doctor will have to advice you on what to do about it.