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By | June 10, 2010

Symptom Blood in Urine

It should be noted that blood in urine is not a disease itself but is essentially a very alarming symptom which warrants further investigation. Blood in the urine is not something to be lightly dismissed and treated by the use of home remedies. This is because it could be extremely serious although you should note that in most cases, causes turn out to be minor. If you happen to notice that your urine contains blood, your response should primarily be to seek the help of your health care practitioner simply because of the possible seriousness of the causal factors. The term given to such an occurrence is hematuria, which essentially refers to red blood cells (RBCs) actually contained in one’s urine. More specifically what you have observed is gross hematuria since this is the term that applies to blood that people actually observe in their urine. In the other case, that is microscopic hematuria, this is not really visible and so the color of one’s urine seems to be perfectly fine when observed. It is only under microscopic examination of one’s urine that large count of RBCs can be seen. One has to understand that there are a range of problems which could be varied that might have lead to the appearance of blood in the urine. Your doctor will examine you and might recommend certain tests so as to come to a proper diagnosis in your case. It might be that some kind of kidney infection or other infection has led to this symptom and can also be associated with tumors. You might also experience problems like losing weight and becoming feverish.

Hematuria Treatment

Since, like every other problem, hematuria treatment would be contingent upon the kind of factors that have led to its appearance, a diagnosis is necessary. At the same time, many people have reported that this condition is also one that usually goes away without any kind of treatment. At the end of the day, such a decision to ignore the symptom is not advisable and treatment should be at the discretion of the doctor. You would be better off upping your intake of water and making choices such as not smoking. Water is imperative whether the underlying problem is one of a urinary tract infection or not. When you first notice blood or suspect the same in your urine, you need to visit your doctor immediately.