Bleach Side Effects | Bleach Ingestion Treatment | Bleach Poisoning

By | June 10, 2010

Bleach Side Effects

The problem with bleach is that it has become a common part of our lives even though there are a number of potential problems relating to it. In most cases, one does not have to worry about side effects since the quantities of bleach ingested, being mostly accidental, are consequently very small. However, there is a possibility of adverse side effects which is why a person who has managed to ingest some of this solution should be extremely careful and should report any signs of side effects. It would be helpful to watch the person closely so that emergency treatment may be administered in case of any warning signs that there has been deterioration in the person’s condition. Such deterioration may be in the person’s mental processes and there could also be respiration difficulties as well as vomiting. If you witness any of these signs, it is imperative that the person be immediately taken to the local doctor or hospital. On the other hand, for larger amounts your doctor might find it best to keep the patient under observation in the hospital such that necessary tests may be performed to check for adverse side effects. As you can see, bleach is not something to be trifled with, and it would not be wise to rely on home remedies when so little is known about bleach side effects and the possibility of bleach poisoning. The possible side effects even of inhaling the same could be lung problems and ailments of the respiratory tract. These can be extremely serious so it is important that you take the necessary measures that will help protect you when using this common substance.

Bleach Ingestion Treatment

It helps to use the right kind of protective gear and to work in spaces where ventilation is not a problem. Simple steps such as these go a long way in preventing the possibility of bleach side effects. One should not attempt to treat the person by use of liquids or trying to induce vomiting. The latter can be especially painful since the burning will cause problems as one throws up. What you should do is call for medical care and try to keep the person’s airway clear. In cases where one’s mental status deteriorates,  bleach ingestion treatment would include tests and emergency medical treatment. Just to reiterate, it would be best to check with the doctor the moment you ingest the bleach and especially if you are already witnessing bleach side effects.