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By | June 7, 2010

Home Remedies for Headache During Pregnancy

A woman needs to take care of her health during pregnancy as it is a very important event in her life. During pregnancy some women go through a number of problems while for some it is a joyful journey. A woman can face problem such as morning sickness, back problems, lack of appetite, and even headaches. Why a woman suffers from headache or a woman who used to suffer from headaches does not suffer from it during pregnancy is still a mystery. Some doctors say that it could be due to the change of hormones especially estrogen and progesterone that the woman experiences in her body during this time. Serotonin which is known as a brain chemical (which is responsible for pain) is found in the blood which is influenced by the above two hormones. When the level of estrogen increases in the body the level of serotonin falls and vice versa which could cause the headaches. Other causes of headaches could be stress, bad posture, blood pressure, muscle tension, hormonal changes, fatigue, low blood sugar level etc. identifying the root cause would definitely help in curing the problem. Before visiting a doctor here are some things that contribute to a headache such as noisy places, dehydration, bad light, polluted environment.

It is always consult a doctor before you can take any kind of medication also advice your doctor if you have any headache problems before pregnancy. Avoid going to noisy places, polluted environment, have water and never keep yourself hungry, there should be adequate lighting in a room and proper ventilation as well.  You could try lying down in a dark quiet room with your feet up for 10 to 15 minutes. Eating meals on time is necessary during pregnancy. Apply some peppermint oil on your forehead which will help ease the pain. Apply a mixture of sandalwood powder and water paste on your forehead this would provide some relief. Grind a mixture of clove, cinnamon and almond with a small amount of water into a paste and apply it on the forehead. A mixture of clove powder and cinnamon oil will also help. However it should be kept in mind that this mixture should be applied on the exact spot where you are experiencing the pain. Try and get some rest to de stress yourself. Have a fresh sliced apple early in the morning will cure all chronic headaches. Avoid excessive intake of coffee, tea, spices, tomatoes oily foodstuff and sour buttermilk.