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By | March 25, 2010


Treating Herbal Cures And Natural Remedies For Fibroadenoma


Found in women who are in the age group of twenties and thirties, fibroadenoma is a non-cancerous tumor that is usually found on the upper side of the breast. Unfortunately, there is no known reason for its appearance. However, it is easy to detect Fibroadenoma as they are small masses the size of small marbles. Fibroadenoma is quite mobile and easily diagnosed on clinical examination or self examination. Self examine your breasts to ascertain any unusual lumps or changes in your breast.

The best time for self examination is after your menstrual cycle is over. Most women develop these lumps during the first half of the cycle, which then goes away naturally on its own. If the lumps do not disappear after the menstrual cycle is over, consult a qualified physician immediately to ascertain the exact nature of the lump, whether it is benign or not. Along with this, there are a few things that you can do at home to get rid of these lumps.

One of the oldest and the most effective remedy is to apply hot compress to the breasts. Place a towel soaked in castor oil on the affected area and place a heating pad on top of it. Hold this in place for at least an hour for maximum results. Alternatively, massage your breasts regularly with plain castor oil. You can also apply castor oil that is mixed with herbs or essential oils or evening primrose oil. Massaging your breast also helps you to keep track of the changes that occur in your breasts.

Another thing that is known to help is adding fresh ginger to your tea and drinking that regularly. To make sure that these lumps do not form again, there are a few dietary changes that you need to make. Follow a diet that is low on fats and meat, and high in fiber and soya products. Also, increase the intake of olive oil and fatty fish in your diet. Avoid drinking alcohol altogether but if you can’t then at least keep your alcohol consumption to the minimum. Cut down on your consumption of caffeine and chocolates as well. Your diet should include flex seeds, flex seed oil, and fish oil. Take daily supplements of vitamin C and E as these supplements help in the reduction of excess estrogen. Excess amount of estrogen is known to cause lumpiness and pain in the breast.


With the increasing prominence and regularity with which people are affected by cancer, it is understandable to get anxious about even the more common growths within the body. A fibroadenoma is one of the more common findings that can be seen on a mammogram and are benign breast tumors (meaning that they are not cancerous). These growths are primarily made up of glandular and fibrous breast tissue and tend to occur in groups rather than single growths. While they are known to be benign tumors, research shows that the presence of multiple or complex fibroadenomas are likely to increase the risk of breast cancer in the body. Because of the fact that breast cancer will also show up as a lump in the breast, most doctors will usually suggest a tissue sample or biopsy performed in order to make sure and rule out any chance of the possibility of cancer. One of the easiest ways to differentiate between breast cancer and fibroadenomas is that the fibroadenomas will tend to move about rather easily while also having more clearly defined edges. It is because of their tendency to move rather easily under even the slightest of pressure being exuded by the fingers that most women refer to them as breast mice. Fibroadenomas range in size from between one to five centimeters with the much larger variety being as big as the size of a small lemon. It is usually the bigger ones that cause the more significant concern when discovered.

Despite many years of research into the development and causes of fibroadenomas in the breast, no primary cause has, as of yet, been discovered. These same studies show that a certain amount of the blame can be attributed to the influence of estrogen due to the fact that the majority of women they affect are going through a phase of menopause or undergoing hormone replacement therapy. Moreover, most fibroadenomas tend to become prominent and subsequently disappear during a woman’s menstrual cycle. Surveys show that the most common victims of the development of fibroadenomas are between the ages of 15 to 30 years old, women that are pregnant while being much less common in post menopausal women.
The simple cases of fibroadenomas will see only a single growth in your breast. The complex variety of the condition happens to be much less common and the main distinction of this variety of fibroadenomas is what exists within the cell. The complex form of fibroadenomas will not look uniform in any way and contain a collection of small cysts, calcifications and papillomas.

Because of the fact that most Fibroadenomas are not dangerous in any way, most people tend to just ignore them. However, while there is no requirement to actively pursue any kind of treatment, it is highly suggested that you do keep an eye on any kind of progression or regression that these growths show in order to be able to identify and be alert to any complications that may arise. Another very commonly practiced method of Fibroadenoma treatment is known as lumpectomy – where a surgical procedure is used in order to remove the growth. However, depending on the size and shape of the growth, there is always a chance that your breasts will be reshaped at the end of the procedure. A laser ablation is another very popular non surgical method of dealing with fibroadenomas and will require the presiding doctor to destroy the growth with the help of a ultrasound guided laser device. When performed properly, the only noticeable impact that this method has on the skin is the small scar that is usually left behind.

Because of the fact that fibroadenomas are such a common concern all over the world, there are a number of fibroadenomas home remedies that have been developed in order to help deal with the condition. One of the most popular as well as effective home remedy treatments for fibroadenomas is to apply a hot compress onto the affected breast. This can be easily achieved by placing a towel that has been soaked in castor oil onto the affected area and then placing a heated pad on top of it. Massaging your breasts on a regular basis is another very effective method of dealing with fibroadenomas. You can also try massaging your breasts with the help of castor oil mixed in with herbs and other essential oils to help reduce the prominence of these growths. It is also believed that this type of massage will also help to ensure proper blood circulation to the breast. Massaging your breasts on a regular basis will help you keep track of any changes that occur within them – helping you stay alert to any complications that may develop. It is important to carry out self-examination tests before your shower on a regular basis as this will help you identify any changes at the onset.

The diet plan that you follow will also play a significant role in the development as well as natural treatment of fibroadenomas. Ensure that any foods you consume are low in fat and meat while being high in fiber and soya content. It is highly recommended that you avoid any kind of alcohol consumption, although keeping it to a bare minimum is acceptable. Consumption of foods like caffeine and chocolate should also be minimized in order to ensure that the condition does not affect you to any significant extent. A regular and daily intake of adequate vitamins, minerals as well as nutrients is an essential part of dealing with the condition. Medical studies have shown that fibroadenomas have not been shown to recur when complete excision has been performed on the growths. However, any significant credit has not been given to these studies are some portions of the medical fraternity are still unsure about the possibility of these growths returning. Despite the fact that Fibroadenomas are usually very harmless, it is important to make sure that you have it checked out to rule out the possibility of it being cancer as soon as possible. Allow the doctor to conduct the necessary diagnostic tests until he or she is absolutely sure that the condition is not cancerous.