Tapioca Nutritional Facts and GM Diet Programme

By | November 10, 2008

Tapioca Food and Gm Weight Loss Diet

Tapioca like potato is a root vegetable but it is better to stick to potato instead of tapioca in GM diet. This is because potato besides providing energy also provides various other nutrients like vitamin C, B complex vitamins (mainly vitamin B6), iron, potassium, manganese, copper and dietary fiber. Tapioca may provide fewer calories than potato. However it is best to follow the dietary instructions for a particular diet when you are keen to follow that diet. Eat potatoes preferably with the skin as they are more nutritious with their skin on.

GM Weight Loss Diet

In the general motors diet you need to follow certain instructions as they are to achieve optimum weight loss. These instructions include abstinence from alcohol and a high intake of water; at least 10-12 glasses of water a day. On the first day you are allowed to eat all fruits except bananas in unlimited amounts. The diet strongly recommends eating lots of melons and a loupe on the first day. On the second day you can eat vegetables in unlimited amounts, cooked or in salad form. For complex carbohydrates you can start your day with baked potato with skin topped with a teaspoon of butter to make it palatable. Cook vegetables in minimum amount of fat and try to avoid fatty dressings in salads.

You may use salt, pepper, lemon juice or vinegar as dressings to make your salads palatable. On day three you can have as much fruits and vegetables as you chose to, but no banana or potato. On day four you can have as many as eight bananas and up to 3 glasses of milk. On day five you can have a feast on lean beef and tomatoes. Increase your water intake on day five to wash off the excess uric acid from your system. On day six you can eat unlimited amounts of beef and vegetables.

On day seven you can have a cup of brown rice, fruit juices and any vegetables. For all the seven days you can have a special GM diet soup in unlimited amounts. This soup can be made by boiling different vegetables of your choice like cabbage, onions, tomatoes, celery, and peppers in water. For taste you can add spices like garlic, chili, salt and pepper, but in very limited quantities. GM diet will help you to lose weight, but it is wise to practice this diet under the supervision of a health care specialist.