Ideal Baby Weight and Height Weight Ratio

By | December 1, 2008

Recommended BodyWeight and Weight Height Charts

Children are around 2.5 to 3 kg, during birth, which is quite normal. Kids in the age of two years should be of 12.3 kgs and height 85.6cm (boys) and 11.8 kg with a height of 84.5 cm in girls. These height and weight indicators also vary with respect to genes and nutrition. This is the right age to introduce new foods. Broaden the palate of the child by introducing a food on a fortnightly basis. Food preferences form a basis, as early as two years. Hence, care is essential while feeding them. Their appetite is less, as the tummy size is small. Avoid empty calories, such as sweets and opt for energy dense foods. Self feeding is possible at this age, as they explore the kitchen and experiment by licking.
Offer a variety of foods, so as to increase the nutrients from each food group. Milk is of great importance for a toddler. Use of skimmed milk, is recommended for kids, after two years. Cut the use of bottles and go in for cups or sippers. Watch the iron intake of kids, when they are a year old. Keep your child’s intake of milk to 16 to 24 ounces.

Ideal Body Mass Index and Weight Calculator

Foods such as fish, tofu, fortified snacks, poultry and meat provide iron in her diet. Certain foods such as eggs, peanut and citrus fruits might contribute to allergic reactions. Delay the intake of such foods. It is time to move over to cow’s milk, though many of them react to cow’s milk. Allergic foods are easily eliminated by curbing the intake of a particular food from their daily schedule to check out for any reactions. Start her intake of boiled vegetables, mashed fruits, porridge, breads, and muffins. These provide fiber, which prevents bloating and constipation. Porridge, made with finger millet and oats are nutritious. Mashed fruits such as mashed banana, chickoo, and so on are beneficial. About thirty per cent of the calories are derived from fat, as this contributes to healthy development of the brain and also aids in growth. A fixed schedule regarding the snacks and meals prove effective.

Foods such as raw vegetables, popcorn, nuts, raisins, whole grapes, candies and small fruits are not given as whole, as it might result in coking. It is always important to watch your child, while eating. Skipping meals is possible in kids and should be allowed. This is because; children have internal hints regarding their hunger pangs. Allow them to eat, when hungry. Three meals with two or three snacks are helpful