Hairloss Problems and Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

By | December 1, 2008

Baldness Information and Treatment for Hairloss

Hair loss is a result of poor lifestyle, improper eating habits, stress, hormonal changes and heredity. Eat a healthy diet with lots of veggies, fruits and sprouts. Include yoghurt, whole grains and green leaves in the diet. Dandruff is yet another cause for hair fall. Dandruff is common in dry skin. Clean hair regularly to get rid of all kinds of hair problems. A part of lime juice is mixed with two parts of coconut oil and applied on the scalp helps to get rid of dandruff. Equal amounts of mustard, castor and coconut oil also proves helpful. Certain easy-to-do hair loss remedies are given below:

Hairloss Treatment and Hairloss Diet

A gentle massage with almond or coconut oil enhances circulation, which in turn prevents hair loss.

  • Equal proportion of castor and almond oil arte used for massage.
  • Make a paste of Indian goose berry powder with the contents of an egg. Apply the same for effective results.
  • Aloe vera gel is left on the hair for thirty minutes. Wash the same with warm water.
  • Topical application of coconut milk is also useful. Rub the bald portion or the affected area with a cut onion. Dab the area with honey.
  • A paste of black pepper and lime seeds is equally good.
  • A decoction of sage herb is beneficial.
  • Topical application of essential oils, such as lavender oil, cedar wood or rosemary with a carrier oil (jojoba oil) helps to a great extent.
  • A gentle massage with almond oil, thrice a day proves effective.
  • Stop any internal medications, as they affect the hair growth and hormone synthesis.
  • A mixture of rosemary, olive oil and egg yolk is useful.

Stress is yet another contributing factor for hair loss. Try to reduce your stress levels by opting for relaxation techniques, such as meditation, yoga and deep breathing exercises. Hypnosis is one more technique that decreases the levels of anxiety and depression, thereby preventing hair loss. If you have interest in martial arts, it might be of great help. It helps in smooth movements and reduces stress. Progressive muscle relaxation and imagery are other methods that aid in stress reduction.
Certain hair care tips are as follows:

  • Avoid excessive combing of hair.
  • Avoid brushing hair, when wet.
  • Do not use hair driers, harsh chemicals and other shampoos, without the guidance of a physician.

An improper diet might also trigger hair fall. The lack of results, due to shampoo usage is a result of other factors, mentioned above.