Effective Diet For The Treatment Of Mononucleosis

By | July 8, 2009

Liquid Diet For Mononucleosis Infection Treatment

How effective is diet in the treatment of mononucleosis? Please suggest some healthy fruits and liquid diet for the same

A healthy diet, along with complete and absolute rest plays an extremely important role in the treatment of mononucleosis. Instead of adopting a completely new diet, make a few necessary changes to the diet that you follow. While loss of appetite is said to be one of the symptoms of mononucleosis, food should not be ignored at this time, as the body is in dire need of nutrition. It is tough to enjoy food during this situation, but treat it as one of the pains that one should bear during this ailment. Other symptoms can be headache, sore throat, tonsils or lymph glands, irregular or rapid heartbeat, pain in the upper left abdomen, enlarged liver, muscle soreness or joint pains, fever and fatigue or even jaundice. A more specific diet may be required to address some of these symptoms.

Tips To Treat Mononucleosis Symptoms And Infections

Inclusion of unprocessed food on your plate is the way to go here – include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Drink water, lots of it, as it is necessary to keep your body properly hydrated at all times. Soups are healthy and easy to digest, provided the ingredients are carefully chosen. Avoid cream in your soups and instead include more vegetables, along with ginger and garlic. Green vegetables, carrots, pumpkin, and sweet potato are highly recommended, and so are oranges. Instead of 2-3 heavy meals per day, divide your daily diet into 4-5 small meals. Try to avoid meats and stay away from caffeine, alcohol, and saturated fats.

While one should have plenty of fruits, try not to consume those fruits that tend to aggravate your symptoms. For instance, try not to consume too much of oranges or citrus fruits if a sore throat is one of the pain points. If you have developed jaundice too, you need to be a lot more careful about your diet. Since the liver has been affected, avoid consuming fatty foods, and avoid any substances that may put a strain on your liver, including coffee, alcohol, colas, and unnecessary drugs.

As mentioned earlier, do not underestimate the importance of rest. Completely avoid excessively stressful activities or sports. Many experts do believe that mononucleosis is spread through direct contact with saliva. Therefore, avoid activities that would lead to this situation to prevent the infection from spreading – and remember that kissing is included here. Try to avoid sharing your personal cups, glasses, utensils or toothbrushes with anyone.