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Total 50 questions posted in Mar-2008
Convulsion also induces multiple seizures: Current scenario in pediatric convulsive therapy (27 Mar 2008)
Male Baldness and hair loss with aging: Why do men go bald when they grow older? (25 Mar 2008)
Calorie chart for healthier and fitter lifestyle: Can I get the calorie chart for normal food? (29 Mar 2008)
Women baldness and hair loss with aging: Why don't women tend to go bald when they grow older? (25 Mar 2008)
Is underweight hereditary and exercise to gain weight: How do you know if you’re underweight? Is there an explanation about being thin? How true if it can be hereditary or in family genes. Do you have any suggestions regarding what exercise should be done (18 Mar 2008)
Gain weight on legs and butts: How do I put some weight on my legs and butts? (19 Mar 2008)
Diet plan for women: I am a female and my height is 5'. Can you please mail me a diet plan? ( 7 Mar 2008)
Corn and vitamin b complex: What nutrients or minerals can be found in corn? (25 Mar 2008)
Protein diet for glowing skin: I have dry skin and black spots on my face. My skin complexion is on a darker side. Please suggest something to make my skin glow (19 Mar 2008)
Low blood sugar, hypoglycaemia symptoms: My husband is 40 years old & now he has low sugar level. What diet & how much quantity I have to give. Please advice me. I am very stressed. (27 Mar 2008)
Dietary precautions during initial stages of jaundice: My child is 12+ I have recently seen yellowish colour in his eyes his stool is also white in colour. Is it Jaundice? Please advice on precautions? (28 Mar 2008)
Treatment for Diarrhea in children: Recent treatment in pediatric diarrhea (27 Mar 2008)
Teenage Weight loss for stomach and breast fats: I am 19 years old boy. My no is increasing in fat except stomach and brest. Tell me the idea to reduce it? (27 Mar 2008)
Calories and nutritious diet for swimmers: What is the type of nutrition should a swimmer take? (27 Mar 2008)
Loosing weight due to stress: I am a girl from Mumbai, India my age is 21 height 5'3 weight is 45 kgs. I was 51kgs few months ago. I loose weight when I undergo more exertion due to busy schedule. Please suggest a good diet. (26 Mar 2008)
Fast weight loss diet: Hi, I am 23 and my height is 5ft 2.5 inches my weight is 63 kgs what can I do reduce in 2 months? (24 Mar 2008)
Diet for dry skin care: Please suggest a good diet for my 11yr daughter as she has a very dry skin. She eats all the 3 meal properly (26 Mar 2008)
Tummy reduction after pregnancy: What are the steps taken to reduce tummy after delivery? (25 Mar 2008)
Heartburn caused by acidity: I have a dull ache in my chest area like heartburn, but have it almost all the time and now going into a month. (22 Mar 2008)
Healthy diet for infants, toddlers: What is a healthy diet for a one year old child? (20 Mar 2008)
How to increase height: Height Increase (21 Mar 2008)
Diet for weight gain: According to my age my weigth is very less as compared to my height which is 5'4 and weigth is 42. What should be my healthy weight and should I eat (due to some problem doctor has advised not to drink milk and milk products) (19 Mar 2008)
Hair loss care from dandruff: My hair are dry, thick and not straight, with lots of dandruff, due to which my hair falls. Please give a solution for dandruff? (19 Mar 2008)
Daily calorie counting chart: Could you please send me the chart of Calorie? ( 4 Mar 2008)
General causes of high cholesterol are a poor diet: What should be the diet in case of high cholestrol in the body? (30 Mar 2008)
Vitamin B6 and magnesium, deficiency causes Jaundice: What are the important precautions taken in Jaundice? (28 Mar 2008)
Essential Amino Acids Proteins in eggs: What is the complete source of 22 essential amino acids in eggs? (31 Mar 2008)
Advice on weight loss: Hi I want to loose weight my height is 6.1 and weight is 93 how much should be my weight I want to reduce around my tummy. Should I do a surgery or it will get all right by medicines (16 Mar 2008)
Diet for old age: I am 71 year old men. Height- 5.5 inch, weight-76 kg. I would like to know what is my correct diet in this age. (15 Mar 2008)
Advice on appendix: I had appendix pain two week back, I took antibiotic, now I am feeling better. What do you suggest for further treatment and diet? Can we wait or should we take action for surgery? (15 Mar 2008)
Migraines due to menstrual cycle: I suffer from migraine once a month right after my period it lasts 2 days. I've tried taking all sorts of medication to relieve from the pain, but nothing works. Do you recommend anything for that pain and how can I stop (14 Mar 2008)
Weight loss for nursing mother: I am a mother of 5 month old son. I want to reduce weight. I am 66 kg and 5ft4inchs. I want to reduce at least 10 kg. I am a nursing mother. Suggest me a diet plan. (11 Mar 2008)
Diet to gain muscle: What should I eat to gain 40 lbs of muscle instead of training every day? (11 Mar 2008)
Diet to gain Weight: How can I get to 200lbs my weight is 160lbs? (11 Mar 2008)
Cycling for weight loss: Does riding bike help you lose weight (11 Mar 2008)
Dietary advice: What should I eat for meals when my family prepares Indian food? (14 Mar 2008)
Advice on weight loss: I am 15 and I want to lose weight though I am not obese. What should I eat to do so? (14 Mar 2008)
Natural treatment for weight gain: My weight is 50kg & height is 5' 9''. Please help me to increase my weight. Though after joining gym I gained 3 kg that's all. (13 Mar 2008)
Diet for healthy brain: A diet for optimal brain functioning (10 Mar 2008)
Low fat diet: What are the nutritional consequences of a low-fat diet? ( 9 Mar 2008)
Diet for weight gain: I am a thin person having weight of 52 kg; my height is 175cm. age 18. What I have to do to gain good physic? ( 8 Mar 2008)
Dietary advice to gain weight: how to gain weight and mass in summer ?give me some tips ( 8 Mar 2008)
Advice on salt intake: I have a habit of taking extra salt in my diet which I am trying to remove, what are the disadvantages of high salt intake and how can they be cured? ( 7 Mar 2008)
Home remedies for belly weight loss: How can I reduce my belly fat it's difficult for me to leave food any kind of food tell some easy method if possible. Thanks in advance ( 7 Mar 2008)
Diet Chart For Kids: Diet chart of 3 year old girl baby? ( 4 Mar 2008)
Natural Treatment for Weight Loss: I am a working lady and my job demands long hours of sitting. My height is 5feet and my weight is 60kg. Please tell me how can I reduce my excess weight through diet? ( 6 Mar 2008)
Dietary advice for peptic ulcer: Diet food for adolescent ulcer patient ( 4 Mar 2008)
Natural treatment for ulcer pain: I am in great pain, cant sleep, upper stomach, peptic ulcer? what can I do to get rid of pain fast to go to sleep? David ( 3 Mar 2008)
Natural Treatment for hiatus hernia: Does alcohol irritate a hiatus hernia ( 1 Mar 2008)
Dietary advice for kids: what is diet chart of 1 to 5 year child ( 3 Mar 2008)